How do you carry around your Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen?

Spigen Liquid Air P Galaxy S21 Hero
Spigen Liquid Air P Galaxy S21 Hero (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra just might be the most technologically impressive phone on the market today, thanks to its stunning design, impressive camera array, and gorgeous screen. But perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of this powerful phone is its ability to work with Samsung's vaunted S Pen stylus.

The one drawback to this functionality is that, unlike the Note 20 Ultra, there is no built-in mechanism to store the S Pen. So what is a person to do? We'd imagine that most people would get an S21 Ultra S Pen case from Samsung's or a third party manufacturer like Spigen, but apparently, some people just shove them in their trousers!

I don't have the cheezy Samsung Spen case or that thing Spigen case. So how do you carry the spen? Is it safe to carry in your side pocket without damaging it?

Blues Fan

I don't, it sits on a table at home. If you have one, common sense should tell you how well it would do in a trouser pocket...


Mine seems fine in the pocket with my phone. It depends on how tight your pockets are, though, and whether they're positioned so they fold when you bend.


That would be annoying carrying around the S pen .


We want to hear from you — Do you use an S Pen with the Galaxy S21 Ultra? How do you carry it around? Let us know!

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