The BD-Live option on many PlayStation 4 units causes a lot of users to experience issues when enabled on their console. If you're getting nothing but a black screen while you try to watch your favorite Blu-Ray your console may be looking for content in your movie that doesn't exist. Here's a guide on how BD-Live works and how to fix it so you can get back to the movies you want to watch.

What is BD-Live?

This is a feature on your PlayStation 4 that will allow internet access options to become available on certain Blu-Ray Disks. The requirements for using this feature are 1 GB of internal storage and an internet connection. When enabled it will download extra content for your movies like special features and the likes.

You're familiar with the "Extras" disk that came with a lot of your DVD movies growing up, yes? That's the type of content BD-Live brings to the table. Deleted scenes, bloopers, interviews, and more are all waiting for you to enjoy. Only certain Blu-Rays, like "Transformers" and "So I married an Axe Murderer", even have these features.

If your Blu-Ray disk doesn't have any of these features the BD-Live option will constantly look for them when it loads your Blu-Ray disk. Then, instead of getting to watch your movie, you'll be faced with a black screen because your entire system will get confused. You want to make sure this feature is only turned on if you know there is content it can find. If not, turn it off.

Turn off BD-Live and forget about it

If you don't care about the features BD-Live offers or the disk you're trying to play doesn't have them you can turn it off through the settings menu.

  1. While your Blu-Ray disc is actively playing (even if it's just a blank screen) press the options button on your controller.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Video Playback Settings.
  4. Opt to turn off BD-Live.

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