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The Oculus Quest has substantial potential for many VR experiences. Most of these can be experienced directly from the headset, no wires or systems needed save for the Oculus app to set it up. However, to experience everything the Quest has to offer, you should consider connecting it to your PC to transfer files back and forth, and access other areas of the Quest's internals. Below, we walk you through the process.

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How to connect your Quest to your PC

  1. Connect your Quest to your PC with a USB-C cable. If your PC has its own USB-C port, you can use the USB-C cable that comes with the Quest itself. You will see the Quest pop up on your explorer.

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  2. Put your Quest on your head.
  3. Within the Quest, you will be prompted whether you want your PC to be able to access your Quest files. Confirm yes.
  4. On your PC, you will now have access to explore your Quest as if it were a drive. Transfer any files to the appropriate folder by dragging and dropping them.

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Wrapping up

While connecting your Quest to your PC is a fairly simple task, it unlocks so much potential for the Quest. Having access to your media library, including pictures, videos, or podcasts, gives you all the more reason to use the Quest as a media hub. It also gives you a bit more direct control over the Quest's storage space.

Our top equipment picks

USB-C cable

AmazonBasics USB Type-C

Simple cable solution

A simple, basic USB-C cable. It is available in several sizes, and is completely compatible with your Oculus Quest. It is primarily for data transfer, but can be used to charge devices as well.

For this guide, any USB-C cable will do, but you do not require anything flashy or fancy. If you do not already have a USB-C cable, the AmazonBasics brand will be more than sufficient for connecting your Quest to your PC.

Additional Equipment

Want to enhance your VR experience? Here are a few things to help you enjoy your headset further.

MPOW Foldable Headphones ($37 on Amazon)

These over-the-ear headphones will enhance your VR experience by delivering hi-fi sound quality. Connects by auxiliary cable or Bluetooth.

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes ($14 on Amazon)

To keep your headset and lenses clean from dust and debris, use these pre-moistened wipes. These will insure your headset stays clean, even with multiple users.

Oculus Quest Travel Case ($40 on Amazon)

This case will store your Quest along with the controllers, and still have plenty of room for other accessories. The rigid case structure will protect your device when you're on the go.

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