How to check your PlayStation 4's current software version

DualShock 4 Controller On Laptop
DualShock 4 Controller On Laptop (Image credit: Android Central)

Your PlayStation 4 comes with automatic updates turned on for your convenience. When there is a new version of the software available, it will ask you to update at startup unless this option has been manually disabled. If you think you are behind on updates or are just curious, follow these steps to see your current software version.

Checking your PlayStation's software version.

  1. Turn on your PlayStation and starting at your home screen, navigate to Settings (up and to the right) using your favorite controller.

  1. In the Settings menu, scroll down and click on System.
  2. Once in the system menu, at the very top of the page, click on System Information.

You've found it!

Now that you have reached the System Information page, you should be able to see and set your PlayStation's name. The current version of system software (your operating system, or OS) is found just under the name followed by network information. With every update you install, the version here will adjust in accordingly. It's easy for you to check whenever you need! If you have turned off the automatic updates, the current version is listed here at PlayStation's update page.

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