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Sprint plans
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If you're looking at leaving Sprint for another carrier, it should be pretty easy, given carriers no longer push two-year agreements. You may end up only having to pay out the remainder of a given month, or whatever you may owe on a device you're financing. Here's what you need to know.

How to cancel Sprint service

Sprint doesn't lock its customers into two-year contracts these days, which means you should have fewer hurdles to clear, should you decide to cancel your service. Generally speaking, you'll just need to pay off your current billing cycle and take care of any outstanding balances on financed or leased devices.

If you happen to somehow still be on a contract with Sprint, you'll also need to either wait out the remainder of your agreement, or pay an early termination fee (ETF) to expedite the process. Sprint has two types of ETFs: one for smartphones and other Internet-connected devices, and another for simpler devices like flip phones.

You likely won't need to worry about this, since contracts were phased out years ago, but if need be, you can call Sprint's customer service line at 1-888-211-4727 to discuss ETF pricing.

Can I cancel Sprint online?

No. For security purposes, you'll need to speak with a Sprint customer service representative in-store or over the phone and verify your personal information before changes can be made to your account.

What about my devices?

Sprint's Flex lease plan makes it easier to afford a new phone by splitting its cost onto your monthly bill — but that can work against you when you're trying to leave. Unlike financing options offered by some other carriers, Sprint Flex isn't designed around you keeping your phone at the end of the 18-month agreement.

Instead, you're given the options to upgrade to something new, return your existing phone, or pay off the remaining balance in either one lump sum or up to six monthly installments. You'll need to decide which option is best for you; in most cases, customers looking to switch carriers should consider paying off their devices and bringing them with them.

Can I avoid these charges?

Outside of a credit from a particularly generous customer service representative, there aren't many ways to get out of paying for your monthly service. But if you've only just recently signed up for Sprint and are already looking to move on due to issues like poor coverage, Sprint does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Many carriers also offer buyback programs to entice new customers, in which they reimburse you for the remaining balance of your leased phone — typically after you trade it in for a new phone and port your number over. Ask your new carrier about any special incentives or promotions before canceling your Sprint service.

What about my phone number?

If you want to keep the phone number that's currently associated with your Sprint account, it's imperative that you don't cancel your service until it's been ported to your new carrier. Instead, call Sprint's customer service line and request your account number and PIN or password. With that information, your new carrier will be able to initiate a number transfer, which will automatically close out your existing account.

The bottom line

You can cancel your Sprint service at any time, but if you cancel it before your contract is done, you may have to pay early termination fees on top of the balance remaining on your cell phone bill.

You can try to get out of paying these fees by telling them you didn't get what you paid for or getting your new provider to pay them on your behalf, but you're ultimately responsible for paying them.

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.