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While I love my Android devices and the Google ecosystem, I also have my feet firmly planted in the Apple world as well. I spend about half of my time working on an iMac, I have an iPhone in addition to my Android phones, and many of my family and friends are on Apple devices as well. I suspect that many of you are in the same boat. So if you have iCloud calendars that you want to access from Google Calendar, what are you to do? It's actually pretty easy to move that data over. I'll show you how to add an iCloud calendar over to your Google Calendar.

How to add an iCloud calendar to your Google Calendar on Android

  1. Open in your web browser.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 1Source: Android Central

  2. In a separate tab, open ****.
  3. Sign into each account and validate your identity as necessary.
  4. From, click on your iCloud calendar.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 2Source: Android Central

  5. Find the calendar you want to copy, and click on the curved lines (that look like the Wi-Fi symbol) to the right of the calendar name.
  6. Click on the checkbox for Public Calendar.
  7. Below that, click on Copy Link.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 4Source: Android Central

  8. Go back to your Google Calendar tab.
  9. From the left navigation bar, click on the + sign next to Other calendars.
  10. When the dialogue box pops up, click on From URL.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 5Source: Android Central

  11. Paste in the calendar link you copied from iCloud.
  12. When the link is pasted, change the text at the front of the link from "webcal" to "http".
  13. Click Add calendar, and you should see your new calendar appear in the Other Calendars section of your Google Calendar.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 6Source: Android Central

  14. If, for some reason, steps 11-12 don't work, then you can paste the copied url into a new tab.
  15. Then click Add when the dialogue box pops up.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 7Source: Android Central

  16. You should see your new calendar appear in the Other Calendars section of your Google Calendar.

    Icloud To Google Calendar 8Source: Android Central

Now your iCloud calendar and previously added events will show up in your Google Calendar view, whether you're accessing it from one of the best Android phones or your desktop web browser. However, if any subsequent changes are made to the iCloud calendar(s), you will need to repeat this process, as they do not stay in sync with each other. If you want to maintain a live connection between the ecosystems, you'll need to download a third-party app from the Google Play store and follow the setup prompts.

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