How the Active Edge squeeze function works on Google's Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both deliver excellent experiences on a gorgeous phone and come packed with new features. Amongst them is the Active Edge squeeze function, which lets you launch Google Assistant or ignore phone calls, all with a quick squeeze of your phone.

We've got the details on how this feature works and what it can do right here!

How does the Active Edge squeeze function work?

To launch Google Assistant or silence an incoming phone call you previously needed to use a voice command or press a capacitative button on your phone. Now you're able to get the same results by simply squeezing your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL and activating the Edge squeeze function.

This is a feature that doesn't require any setup to utilize. Just grip your phone firmly in hand, and in a single motion, squeeze in on the left and right sides of the phone.

What can you do with the Active Edge squeeze function

Unlike Samsung's Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 series, the Active Edge squeeze function is capable of doing more than just one thing. You can silence incoming phone calls that you don't want to deal with or use it to launch Google Assistant. You're even able to launch Google Assistant with a squeeze when your screen is off.

You'll also be able to adjust how sensitive the Active Edge squeeze function so that it requires more or less pressure in order to launch. This is particularly handy to fine tune how and when it launches so that you have full control over the feature. Of course, if you aren't a fan, you can also turn it off from within your settings.


Do you still have questions about how the Active Edge squeeze function works? Are you excited to use this feature when you pick up your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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  • Honestly for a released phone in 2017 compared to rest that phone looks so ugly!
  • Can't disagree
  • I like the look. It's different. It says Google. People are complaining because the galaxy lines were looking like iphones. I welcome the new look. Can't wait to get the Panda XL!
  • You Iphone nuthuggers should stop bashing the Pixel and worry more about the bulging batteries in the Iphone 8
  • "Unlike Samsung's Bixby button on the Galaxy S8 series, the Active Edge squeeze function is capable of doing more than just one thing.".... It can do just two things! We all bashed samsung for not letting us remap bixby button but Google is no better.
  • Two is more than one. No?
  • That's not the point though. They should open it up so you can do whatever you want with it. That's what everyone's been screaming about the Bixby button since day one.
  • Google will NEVER do that. Hang out on XDA and im sure someone will eventually figure out a remap.
  • People were complaining bc they kept accidently pushing the button not too many people are gonna accidently squeeze their phone and even if they do they can have it set to a higher sensitivity so it doesn't launch without real effort. Anyway, Google should've got the full capabilities from HTC or left it alone... What advantage is squeeze for Google Assistant than any other method to launch it
  • Well you can turn it off. Anyway, I do not put a death grip on my phone. We will see how it works. I think it will be fine.
  • Exactly!! what's easier than just saying "ok Google"? u literally don't even have to press one button
  • I ordered the Pixel 2 XL and am looking forward to it. Going by a verizon store to check it out today.
  • Hopefully the squeeze can be remapped
  • Not from Google. Hang out on XDA and im sure someone will eventually figure out a remap.
  • It would be handy to launch the flashlight...which I use a lot.... silencing calls is somewhat useful I suppose but my phone is always on silent anyway. I don't get the use for assistant at all. I use assistant a lot and I think it's great but the voice command works well and doesn't require you to do anything but speak.
  • Its to eliminate the need to say "OK google". With your outlook, they should have never invented electric roll down windows in cars because the hand crank worked fine.
  • I like this feature, and think it's smart. Since getting my Google home, sometimes I want to activate my phone, but home takes over. I see this as an easy, one step way to activate the phone Assistant, and not the Google home.
  • Isn't Home designed to listen, knowing other devices might hear as well, and then work together to figure out which device should respond? or is it that it doesn't decide the way you'd prefer? I'll be curious about this feature when I eventually get my mini from pixel2 purchase.
  • I think if you have more than one home, it decides which home to use. But, I only have one home and one phone, and my phone always defaults to my home.
  • It does, but it's not perfect. Let's say I'm sitting at the table next to my Pixel with the Google Home 10ft away on a shelf. Scenario A (where it works): "OK Google, Call XXX." The system will know it's a phone call so it'll let the phone perform the task. Scenario B (where it doesn't work as intended): " OK Google, what's the weather?" The system will think it's a question Google Home can handle so Home will answer, except it's 10ft away and volume is at 3 so i can't hear shxt. I'd like for the phone to answer but it doesn't.
  • Silencing calls sounds brilliant for this.
  • Why do I feel like sliding it snugly into the cupholder of my 4Runner (where my current XL fits perfectly with a thin TPU case) is going to be enough to trigger it, and, therefore force me to turn it off entirely?
  • The force level is adjustable. You can set it so it will trigger with a two finger squeeze, or so hard you have put some muscle into it. I have mine set to a level 2 out of 10, and have no problems with it in the car holder or squeeze-type tripod mount. I do have one tripod mount with very hard springs, and for that one I sometimes trigger the edge sensors when putting the phone in it. But that's my cheaper mount and I don't use it much. Disabling the edge sensors is a couple of taps, so it's not a big deal in comparison to the benefits.
  • Good to know! Thanks!!
  • This is such a cool innovation, why isn't anyone saying really how cool this is? If Apple came out with this, man, it would be on the front page of CNN/Yahoo.
  • What I find amusing is that when HTC did it earlier this year it was derided as a gimmick. Now that it's on Pixel, it's a feature and used to be called BLOAT!
  • What I find amusing is that you Pixel bashers take every topic and try and bash the Pixel phones. Instead, go to your ANTIFA meeting and kneel for the national anthem.
  • I still have a question and it matches the title of this article...
  • My question is why you are still on a Nexus 6P and feel the need to bash the Pixel?
  • @worldfoot...or is that worldfootinmouth? No one was bashing Pixels, you stupid ignoramus. I was commenting on how the views of features on phones (All phones) are viewed differently at different times of mobile phone evolution. Here let me make it easy for you: "The one big feature (or gimmick, perhaps) of the U11 is its "edge sense" technology". That quote is from the review of the HTC U11 on this site. I'm sorry someone stole your sucker or whatever makes your mouth water. Reading is fundamental - comprehension is essential.
  • Agree. HTC U11 did it first, is useful, remappable, and the phone looks better.
  • I'm with you until the aesthetics. I think the u11 look like awkward Xmas ornaments.