Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight, the app and service that offer up last-minute hotel deals near you at steep discounts, is announcing two new features today called Bonus Rate and Rate Drop. The two new offerings give Hotel Tonight hotel partners the opportunity to target users in specific locations to offer even steeper discounts — up to 40 percent off the normal rate — for booking close to the date you'll be staying.

Bonus Rate offers lower-than-usual rates to Hotel Tonight users up to seven days in advance to visit hotels in specific locations. The incentives will be targeted at users in specific areas to go to other specific areas, passing the savings on to you. Rate Drop is more last-minute, offering steep hotel rate drops starting at 3 p.m. each day for nearby hotels.

Most folks are more likely to use Bonus Rate considering the seven-day lead time, but of course Rate Drop will be useful for those who have unexpected travel changes. Bonus Rate is available in the following cities — NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Chicago, San Diego, DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, Palm Springs, Seattle, Orange County, Dallas, Tampa Bay, Monterey, London, Paris — today and will expand to all Hotel Tonight destinations in the coming weeks, while Rate Drop will be available immediately around the world.

Snag the Hotel Tonight app at the top of this post, or read even more details in the blog post at the source link below.

Source: Hotel Tonight