Critic's Choice on Hooked

Ed. Note: Josh Munoz is one of the critics who participates in the critic's choice panel.

Hooked, the Android application that looks at your gaming habits and suggests more of what it thinks you'll like, has launched a critic's choice section of their app, featuring suggestions from various writers throughout the blogosphere.

What does this mean for the end user? Well, in addition to the normal, player-centered suggestions you've always received, there'll also be a new category, the Critic's Choice, that features a rotating lineup of games, along with a short description and the website the writer writes for.

All in all, it's just another way to try and do what Hooked wants to do best: bring the best game suggestions to their users in any way possible.

We've got the full press release and download links after the break.

Hooked, a game recommendation app, launches the first Critic’s Choice center for mobile games.  The critics are respected game reviewers, writers, and bloggers who send in reviews of their favorite games each week.

The Critic’s Choice section is part of the “What’s Hot” tab of the app, which helps users discover new games in a variety of ways.  The “What’s Hot” tab shows real-time feeds for games being played now, games being recommended now, and games rated up.  Also, when a user selects a game they see the percentage of users who liked the game and can either download or save the game for later.

Hooked generates personalized recommendations using an advanced recommendation algorithm, individual ratings, and the users game play statistics.  All of a user’s preferences are stored in their personal profile, which makes managing mobile games easy.

Download the Hooked app from Google Play to enjoy a new way to find, organize, and share games!