Over the past couple of years, Honor has established itself as one of the better brands around for offering high-quality smartphones that won't break the bank. This year's Honor 6X offered dual cameras for under $200 USD, and a new teaser from the company is promoting an upcoming handset with a staple feature from 2017 – a near bezel-less display.

The teaser that Honor sent out is an invitation for an event that'll be held in London in December, and along with the text "Max your view", there's also an outline of a smartphone with very small bezels on the sides, top, and bottom.

Ever since 2016's Xiaomi Mi Mix, phones with minimal bezels have been the rage. Samsung really popularized this feature with the Galaxy S8/S8+, and along with the company's own Note 8, we've also seen this bezel-less trend creep over to the LG G6 and V30, Google Pixel 2 XL, and even Apple's iPhone X.

The majority of phones with these tiny bezels tend to air on the expensive side of things, but considering the fact that Honor phones are typically more affordable than the rest of the competition, this mystery phone could be a great buy for those that want to have a modern-looking handset without spending $700+.

Honor's press event to announce this phone will be taking place in London, UK on Tuesday, December 5.

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