Honor 8 in blue facing UK stock shortage

Honor 8
Honor 8

Fresh from the news that 1.5 million units have been sold worldwide, there's word that the Honor 8 will face stock shortages in the UK — at least in the popular blue color option.

AC understands that a high demand for the blue model in particular has resulted in stock being nearly depleted — a "knock-on effect" of higher than anticipated sales during the first two months of availability, we're told. It's not known for how long the blue model will remain in short supply, nor exactly how long the existing supplies at Three, Amazon and vMall will last.

The black and white models are unaffected by the shortage, and remain readily available through the usual channels.

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Alex Dobie
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  • Readily available? Amazon hasn't had any in any colour since launch - and shipping is estimated in 1-2 months.
  • Hmmm, both show available to me and shipped with Prime would arrive by Friday. Posted from my unlocked S7 Active on T-Mobile / Hot Note 7 / or my peerless Note 4
  • Just looked again - black and white showing 'usually dispatched in 1 to 2 months'.
  • That is one sweet color. I wish Samsung had gone for a blue like this, instead of the shade they chose for this year's Note7.
  • Fiery-Red??
  • these were my thought exactly.
  • Not surprised. It looks bloody good.
  • The blue is stunning, I get why this is the case.
  • Samsung already had a color like this it was on the note 5.
  • I said I would have liked to see it on this year's. I also think this blue is better looking than what was on the note5. Doesn't really matter, Sammy went with baby blue for a Change up, so basic black it is.
  • It's not the same blue.
  • It's a different shade of blue
  • SO glad I got my Sapphire beauty early.
  • Just looked it says 2 left in stock, order soon!
  • I saw one IRL. The blue seriously looks stunning.
  • That is a great looking phone.
  • If it wasn't for their terrible UI I would consider buying one. It looks great.
  • A friend of mine got this phone and I must say it is extremely attractive. I'm surprised that this phone doesn't get more publicity as it is easily amongst the top phones out there. Though I'm an iPhone user (user, not fanboy), as the default 'tech guy' amongst friends and family, I often troubleshoot for both OSes. I am really impressed with this phone and will be interesting to see how they follow this iteration with its future successor.
  • I think the P9 series from Huawei are very good all round in terms of features and performance. The Honor 8 though, for its price, is what I recommend to a lot of my android user friends who I know aren't the power users; thus don't necessarily need to shell out in the high hundreds for phones like Samsung's whose features and specs though greater - overall performance at price point doesn't make them the better recommendation.
  • Well, the Honor 8 is basically a glass-backed Huawei P9 with a slightly underclocked processor (same processor from the Mate 8) and some upgrades like a button on the fingerprint sensor and 4GB of memory. I'd say the H8 is the better buy, because it's pretty much the same phone with some upgrades at a lower price, which is odd in a good way.
  • You were able to get what I was trying to say in a much more succinct way lol I definitely agree :)