The Honor 10 could be announced on May 15

Do you remember the Honor 9? The phone was released in July of last year, and when Alex reviewed it at the time he called it "the best phone for less than £400." If you've been itching for a successor to that device, you might not have to wait too much longer.

Honor recently shared a press invite on its UK Twitter account for an event that'll be taking place in London on May 15. It shows the silhouette of a phone with the phrase "Beauty in AI."

There's no explicit mention of what phone will be announced anywhere on the invite, but seeing as how we're nearing a full year since the Honor 9 was released, it seems likely that this will be when we get our first look at the Honor 10.

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Some of the Honor 9's best features were its stunning glass design, excellent dual rear cameras, and fast performance thanks to the Kirin 960 processor. Assuming we get something similar in May, we should be in for a real treat.

Honor 9 review: The best phone for less than £400

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Alexa now reviews phones?
  • "I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to help with that."
  • No rear fingerprint = no thanks!
    Also that button in the middle of the sensor on Honor 8... Hands down the best hardware feature since sliced bread! That should be your trademark feature.
  • ^^this
    I 100% agree with you. It's the most underrated feature I've ever seen on a phone.
  • I have the Honor 9 since August. The Camera is terrible compared to my old Lumia 820 (but I don't really care about that)
    The glass looks nice, but already has a lot of small scratches.
    Performance is really good for an Android-Device (allmost as sleek als my moms Lumia640).
    The IPS-Display is glorious!
    The Speakers are quite good, the DAC is a joke. Could have left out the headphone jack would not be a loss. Need to switch to BT-Headphones anyways soon.
    The Battery gets me trough a long workday with 20-40% left.