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Honeycomb, Android apps for Google TV have sessions at Google IO 2011

Flipping through the session listings for Google IO 2011, and a couple of things stand out: First, there's building web apps and Android apps for Google TV. Google TV, as you'll recall, was announced at least year's developer's conference. It's based on Android, but third-party apps aren't yet available, though they definitely were promised. So it looks like the ball's going to get rolling there.

Also on the agenda is a "Honeycomb highlights" session. It's no great surprise that we'll see more of the Android version that is first coming to tablets, supposedly in the first quarter of the year.

There's also the usual programming and developer tools' sessions, which, frankly, we don't understand in the slightest. But you devs certainly do, and you'll definitely want to check them out. [Google IO sessions]

  • first :)
  • Lets get this baby cooking I have been waiting for it
  • What they really need to fix is the week number of formats that the device will read. I have 8tb of movies on two 4tb drives and the device is usless as my media streamer. I guess thats why I have my beloved boxee box. Cmon logitech get together
  • Windows Media Center does not interface with ones DVR, Bruh-Man. That's the real reason why I love my Logitech Revue. As a customer and employee of DISH Network I was able to pick mine up for $179. The search and current apps (Amazon VOD, Netflix, Pandora, Slacker) are what make this great. The Revue is able to search my DVR viewing schedule with so many different options while simultaneously bringing up content I might want to watch on the web, Amazon VOD, Netflix, etc. It can also setup programs to be recorded, allow me to watch YouTube videos on the web (Youtube Leanback is awesome) and just straight browse the web. This is the future of TV, and it's only going to get better with the Android Marketplace coming.