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Ho, hum, another rumored launch date (March 17) for the HTC ThunderBolt

It's been a little while since we've bothered with rumored launch dates for the HTC ThunderBolt because at this point, we're not sure anybody knows just yet when the darn thing's going to drop. But the above e-mail just reached us, and there's the ol' T'Bolt, clearly listed at March 17. Of course, it's also noted that "Launch Dates Are subject to change" -- which, of course, they are.

March 17 isn't the only date that's being thrown around, of course, but it's one of the few that we've seen put to paper recently. Will it pan out? We'll know next Thursday. Thanks, anon!

FWIW: Yes, that image looks like something that could be faked in about 30 seconds. The original image we cropped it from is much more telling. (Which is why we cropped it.) Does that mean it's right? News at 11.

  • I hope the 17th proves accurate. However, I would wait an extra week if I could just have an official announcement NOW!
  • i'm crossing my fingers!
  • Sounds good to me.
  • keep your dinc on cyanogenmod7 is fine till something better comes along
  • Maybe BGR was getting the 24th information on the other HTC phone, not the Bolt.
  • Maybe BGR was getting the 24th information on the other HTC phone, not the Bolt.
  • Please come out on the 17th i like my Incredible, but i want the Thunderbolt
  • Give it to me on the 17th :D
  • I just can't wait to get my hands on an HTC TB...hopefully this is right even though it states "Launch Dates Are subject to change"
  • Meh, got tired of waiting for this phone. My wife needed something to replace her old BB curve, and the Incredible does that in spades at 1/3 the cost.
  • Sounds good to me, lets finally do this. iPhone fan here but ive been trying to adopt an Android device and im chomping at the bit for some LTE. Bought the Atrix and want to chuck it out on the freeway along with AT&T. Come on VZW, make me a believer already!
  • This phone is going to be out of date before it even gets released....and no, the 4G isn't a big deal for me because they are saying maybe middle of next year for where I live.
  • There goes my hopes of seeing the Incredible 2 by March. I suppose April is the date. Tired of waiting for upgrades.
  • Verizon said move on... so i'm moving on! eff this rumor lol
  • If it doesn't come out soon I'm going to sue Verizon and HTC for false advertising and consumer abuse. Somebody needs to make these capitalist pigs pay for their crimes.
  • I think the screen shot is bogus based on the fact that there's thousands of HPC devices in stock when you call VZW. Anybody could've typed that stuff up in Word.
  • File this under "who gives a sh*t anymore"
  • At the rate this thing's been delayed, they'd better swap it to a dual-core CPU and a better screen. Prolly better off waiting for the LTE Galaxy phone.
  • This thing needs to hurry up. I need a phone like yesterday.
  • I got to hold a dummy phone at the mall today. I had to ask if it was a real one because it felt pretty hefty. Its definitely bigger than my S2 but I will be happy to make the switch if all the goodness is true. Not really worried about lte as I'm rural ish... Like the rest of the specs, can't wait!
  • Can't wait for this phone to get released so all these girls can stop crying about it.
  • I hope the launch goes ok the 17th, but if the leprechauns get to the store first and steal the pot of thunderbolts we will have to wait for the hung over police officers delaying the investigation. NO MORE DELAYS NO MORE DEAYS NO MORE DELAYS!!!!!
  • Why not just scrap this device and wait for the Bionic. It doesn't appear that the HTC and Verizon can get their act together! Besides, I think that Verizon is in bed with Apple. Look at the lengths that Verizon is going though to accomodate Apple. In the local store, Verizon has allocated over 3/4 of an entire wall, approximately 15 feet, for Apple products. 1 IPad and 1 IPhone! Get real! Every other manufacturer get to share space with everyone else! It wouldn't surprise me if Apple is dictating when Verizon can release other products as well. My 2 cents.
  • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is it possible that the Tbolt isn't as good as the EVO with WiMax and big red doesn't want to admit it??
  • At this rate, we may never know.
  • The best feature this phone could possibly have is -- a release date. 2011 is going to be a bad year for non-apple verizon products, because they will be getting second class citizen treatment from big red. Maybe next year, or the year after that, verizon will give their other vendors equal treatment.
  • Yess, finally, I hope this release date is real this time around. I'm anxious to actually use this phone. I could care less about dual-core, heck, I'm upgrading from a 3GS. This phone will be more than enough for me!
  • Verizon wants us to move on, OK Here i come MOTO.