Square Enix's hugely popular puzzle game, Hitman Go, snuck into Google Play today. Players control a piece representing Agent 47, an iconic character from their PC and console franchise Hitman. Players work their way around a board, turn by turn, to eventually take out their mark. Enemy patrols move after you move, and combined with special tiles for hiding and bonus objectives, you'll find yourself in some very tricky situations.

Though the notion of a turn-based puzzle game isn't mind-blowing, setting the art style as a diorama with plastic figures adds a suspiciously charming and relaxed angle to what's traditionally been a game about killing people for money. Plus, anybody with a history with the Hitman games will immediately have a soft spot for the franchise on mobile.

It's especially great that Square Enix didn't try to just drag and drop the old games onto Android, which is a strategy that generally produces awkward results. In any case, download Hitman Go for $4.99. Its casual pace and killer style are bound to win you over.