HipChat update brings support for Android Wear and more

Following its recent Material Design update, the folks at HipChat are back with another big update for Android users. Included in this update is the addition of Android Wear and GIFV file support, along with rounded avatars to bring even more personalization to the app. HipChat is a communications app that allows teams to quickly and easily keep in touch and work together even on the go. Some of the highlights of this update are:

  • HipChat is first to support Android Wear - The latest update lets Wear users receive messages and reply with a dictated answer or quick-reply with common emoticons like (thumbsup), (thumbsdown).
  • Visual refresh with Avatars - It's a small design decision that personalizes communication even when you're away from your desk. Updating your personal avatar is easy to do.
  • Of course, some delight - So we added support for GIFV files in Android 3.1. Go ahead and share that link from imgur and gfycat. It will render properly in HipChat with minimal lag time and won't burn through your data plan.

The update is rolling out in Google Play now, so be sure to go ahead and grab it.