Android Central

A new location-based social network has hit Android today called Highlight. Users set up profiles, list their tastes, post pictures, and send messages to other users. There's an obvious dating angle here, though it can be used for more innocent social networking too. Highlight pulls in data from Facebook to populate your profile, plus you can plug in LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Profiles of unihighlighted contacts show shared connections, and for when you don't have the time to manually check in on the app, it can push notifications when someone you know or might know is in the neighborhood. 

Highlight has been steadily growing its userbase on iOS for about a year now, though the Android app has been nicely adapted for the Holo theme. I've played around with Highlight for a little bit, and even though Ottawa isn't exactly a bustling area for this kind of stuff, I've already found someone a few blocks away that has a common friend and is into phones. Any takers? How much luck have you had with location-based social networking? How about location-based dating? How well does Google Latitude handle keeping track of friends?