And we can't forget the cheddarwurst

As I sit writing this weeks column I'm actually on a train bound for London. More specifically, I'm bound for Berlin, Germany, where the Android Central team – of Alex Dobie, Derek Kessler and myself – are headed for the big event of the fall, IFA 2014. It's always a busy event, lots of ground to cover, lots of press events to attend and lots of new devices to play with. This will be my third year and I'm more excited heading into it than the previous couple of times.

IFA this year is set to be huge. We've written up an extensive preview and we've each written up a "what's in our gear bag" post to walk you through what it takes for us to go and cover these shows. There's so much to cover in such a short space of time it's tough to pack it all in. On a personal level, here's what I'm looking forward to most this week.

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  • The LG G Watch R - Android Wear as a platform naturally has me interested, but the first batch of devices – yes, that includes the Moto 360 – just haven't done anything for me. Bad photoshops aside, the G Watch R is the first that's stirred something up inside me. I dig the design a lot. It pulls in design cues from some of the regular watches I enjoy, which thus far no other smartwatch has. As I've written before I'm not so concerned about a smartwatch that looks like a nice watch, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I was curious about this one.
  • Asus Zenwatch - Another watch, this time Asus' first venture into Android Wear. While not everything the company makes is a roaring success, you can't deny that they're happy to be different and bring something new to the table. And an Asus press conference is definitely worth showing up to.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - An IFA staple, the Note line is probably more popular than ever going into this year's event. I've never owned a Galaxy Note, but then until this year I'd never owned and regularly used a Galaxy S, either. I always liked the idea of the S Pen but didn't like what Samsung was doing with the software in particular. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been largely an enjoyable experience so I'm keen to see how Sammy has pushed it forward again for the Note 4.
  • Tony Fadell's press conference - I'm hoping I get chance to go along to this one. It's not often you get the chance to hear people like this speak and while it's not the likely setting for any major new Nest announcements, it's sure to be a great presentation.

I love going to IFA and I love going to Berlin. One year, perhaps, I'll eventually get round to doing a separate trip or tagging a couple of extra days on to see more of what is an amazing city. CES is an incredible event, sure, but there's something about IFA that gives it must-attend status on my yearly calendar. The action starts in anger on Wednesday and we're looking forward to bringing everything possible to you guys. After all, without the Android Central readers we wouldn't have the opportunity to go there and do what we love to do. And we thank you for that each and every day.

To everyone stateside, hope you've had a great holiday weekend. If you're anywhere around Berlin in the next week – and you're not a member of the press – IFA is open to the public from the weekend right through into next week, it's definitely worth stopping by.

Time to go to Berlin.