Hey Google — how about making a phone with a MediaTek processor for a change?

MediaTek Dimensity 1000
MediaTek Dimensity 1000 (Image credit: MediaTek)

The tech world on the Android side is dangerously close to free-fall mode. Many companies are losing money, others are close but still breaking even, and it's only predicted to get even worse. But during the last quarter, there was one company that seemingly fiddled while it watched the industry burn even though it was partially responsible for the fire: Qualcomm.

Qualcomm shipped 21% fewer smartphone platform chips (that means the processor, GPU, coprocessors for things like the camera or AI) yet made 5% more profit. How the hell do you pull that off, you might be asking? The answer is that you overcharge for your product and make sure people will buy it anyway.

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Qualcomm is the ultimate grandmaster of this game. Think about it — would you walk into the Verizon store and buy a flagship Android phone that didn't have the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 series chip inside it? Of course not. When you're paying so much for a thing you expect it to be the best of things.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Source: Qualcomm (Image credit: Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm knows this but more importantly so does Samsung and LG and OnePlus and every other company that makes the "best" Android flagship phones. We react by saying Qualcomm is horrible for adding so much to the cost of the latest Snapdragon that phone prices have surpassed the $1,000 mark, which is true. But nobody pulled Samsung's arm and forced them to use it. Except we sorta did because we demand and expect it.

You don't have to use a Snapdragon to build a good phone.

There is an alternative. Several, if you're counting at home, but one sticks out as being brand-agnostic for use by any company that makes phones: MediaTek. Its new Dimensity 1000 mobile platform looks pretty damn incredible with things like 5G support, AI coprocessors, support for actual three frame HDR video capture in real-time and excellent performance. I'll bet it is a might bit cheaper than a Snapdragon, too.

The real problem is finding a phone maker that wants to use it in a flagship phone outside of China or India. That phone maker could be — no, should be — Google.

Google can make Android run really well on any chip it wants to. That means Google could take a powerful chip from MediaTek and make a Pixel phone that works exactly like a Pixel phone with a Snapdragon inside it does and bypass the Qualcomm taxes. That gets the ball rolling for third-party optimizations for MediaTek chips from game developers and forces MediaTek to be more proactive on the security front. Everyone is a winner.

We are pretty sure that Google is developing its own mobile computing platform, and it most definitely should. An in-house solution specifically designed to run Android would be a game-changer and it needs to happen. But that's going to take years to get right, so in the meantime why not use a drop-in solution like the Dimensity 1000 for the flagship and an Helio P series for the Pixel a series?

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I doubt this is ever going to happen and every flagship phone sold in North America and half of Europe will be $1,000 / €1,000 Snapdragon-toting overpriced models. But some company needs to dare to pull away from Qualcomm and Google could get away with it.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I think that will be a good move on Google's part, and many other manufacturers will follow as well. It will allow Google to lower the price on their phones and it will obviously put MediaTek in a better light . People won't just think of them as budget to mid-range SoC manufacturers. They do make some really good processors to be honest.
  • Do you really think bill of materials is the reason Pixel phones cost as much as they do? It's not. They cost as much as they do because Google wants them to appear as premium products. It may lower cost of manufacture, but it wouldn't lower the product price. Just increase it's profit margin.
  • > Do you really think bill of materials is the reason Pixel phones cost as much as they do? I think you are absolutely right. As past experience has shown, devices with different SoC can carry the same price tag (e.g. Samsung T810 with Exynos vs. T813 with QC 821, both of which were sold in US as Galaxy Tab S2 9.7") and sit on the same shelf next to each other. And that despite the consumer-visible differences: T810 could output video signal through MHL and T813 could project video through Miracast.
  • There are tons of consumers who wouldn't care or understand the difference between a phone with Snapdragon or one equipped with a Mediatek. Honestly, they should just pick a phone to launch, market the hell out of these processors and people will continue buying, especially if it means a lower price tag for a flagship. I have the Ultra, but only because I managed to take advantage of the preorder deals and got the price tag down to within $120 of what I paid for the S9+
  • "sorry, I can't do that at the moment." Honestly, I don't need ANOTHER reason to ignore Pixel phones lol.
  • The lack of competition is not good, but it's not like Qualcomm blocked anyone from making their own SOC. It is Qualcomm's fault for overcharging though. What strikes me odd is how media sites condemn MediTek equipped phones, but then we get this article...
  • You've been around enough to know how much I care what other people write versus what I think :P
  • Lol, you're right... you're right 😄
  • I always prefer competition and if companies give chance to other than their older partner it could dramatically change just like amd blow out intel right now on almsot every level and I like mediatek personally I have used their phones in past and I think they are doing great job just need bit of support
  • MdiaTek SoCs are worse than Qualcomm Snapdragon in every aspect so it would be a bad move for Google to go with MediaTek but Apple smokes both with the A series and with 5G Apple will crush the competition again and in Android land OEMs that aren't Samsung will continue to lose money and even Samsung hasn't been immune either with the S20 Line being a flop with Apple the only one enjoying success with the iPhone 11 after their own slump in iPhones sales which was still more than their Android competitors and Google's Pixel sales have been pretty much the same as their Nexus sales, crap with lacking hardware and a barebones software that doesn't cut it anymore.
  • Was that really just one sentence? :)
  • I was typing with Gloves. But I still stand by what I wrote this is the beginning of the end for Android as we know it as OEMs will do a HTC soon as they can't continue to lose money on Android and survive with greedy Qualcomm and their high prices causing OEMs to charge more than their phones are worth. For me the only winners will be Apple if they keep lowering their prices for the iPhones
  • Those darn gloves always cause run-on sentences so I finally tossed mine.
  • Got rid of mine too... darn things were making me look like an idiot on all kinds of forums... 😂
  • I've got a pair of shoes that make me type in iambic pentameter... I keep them around for when I feel bardic.
  • Lol what a ridiculous excuse ... "Typing with gloves"... 😂🤣 I gotta admit, you're always good for a laugh... If nothing else...
  • Wait, how would gloves prevent punctuation? Just turn glove mode on.
  • Yeah pretty much nothing you said was true. But that is no surprise. Apple fans have been predicting the imminent demise of Android since it first launched in 2009. Maybe it made a bit of sense back in 2010-2012 back when Apple still had dominating market share and there was legit reason to think that Windows Mobile and Nokia Symbian would rival Google for Apple's scraps. Instead, Microsoft bought Nokia Mobile and kept Symbian from even launching only to shut down Windows Mobile a few years later, leaving Android with 52% domestic market share and 85% global market share. Most of the Apple fan rhetoric about "no one in Android is making any money" revised to "no one in Android but Samsung is making any money" to "no one in Android but Samsung and Google is making any money" is relics from the difficult early years, 2008-2012. Since then, when Android reached its market position, lots of players in the Android game are making money. It is why of all the Android OEMs, only HTC and Sony have exited the business. (And with Sony not entirely; they're the leading Android TV seller.) Meanwhile, lots more OEMs have entered it. Remember: Android devices are the #1 selling electronics product in the world and by a wide margin. There is no way that companies are making money selling TVs, PCs, stereo systems, video game consoles etc. - and selling them in smaller numbers at lower margins and often for much lower prices - and not making them selling Android phones. To put it another way: if companies aren't making money selling Android phones then they aren't making money selling anything because nothing - especially anything with an average selling price so high - sells as much. That is another thing. I remember when you Apple guys were crowing over how the average selling price of an Android phone was "only" $180. Well sure, but the average selling price of a TV or speaker system or PC is higher. But how long are you going to keep that TV and sound system for? Or that MacBook Pro? 5-8 years. But people get a new Android phone every 2-3 years, and that doesn't even count the ones who buy multiple phones for backup or entertainment purposes. Also, the ASP of an Android phone has risen from $180 to $270 - almost $100 - since then anyway. So beno, give it up. Android isn't going anywhere. Or if it does, it will only be because Google replaces it with Fuchsia.
  • Blah blah blah, I'm an Android user (soon to be Apple user again in 3 months) thank goodness) Android is and Android will always will be a money loser for most OEMs who aren't Samsung or Google and in case you missed it or have been living under a rock, in countries like the UK and US (the only countries I'm concerned about) Apple is the number 1 smartphone vendor not Samsung and iOS is the number 1 OS not Android so Apple fans were correct in predicting that Android has reached it's peak and is already starting to LOSE market share in those countries and mo e developed countries, Android is only number globally because of developing countries like India where Apple isn't really concerned about those markets I've done my research so I know what I'm talking about. And Qualcomm overcharging for the current Snapdragon 865 is only gonna be the start of Android's woes and OEMs dropping like flies and doing an HTC and becoming irrelevant and all it will take is Samsung deciding to cut their losses with Android for Android to be in trouble, because OEMs control Android not Google while Apple control iOS and the iPhone because they make rh software and the hardware and the iPhone 11 was successful and the most people iPhone because Apple understand what consumers what on a phone, Android OEMs? Not so much that's why they try and copy Apple and FAIL.
  • First off you are not an Android user because your many trolling comments on here reveal a lack of basic knowledge about the OS and its products. Your stating that Android is a money loser for most OEMs doesn't make it true. You can state it as much as you want but it doesn't make it true. You still haven't explained why making smartphones loses money but not making PCs, TVs, speakers, etc. that sell in lower numbers at lower margins. You are factually incorrect. Take away the iPhone 6 frenzy in 2014, iOS has never been #1 in market share in America since Android took off. Despite your claim that iOS is #1 in the UK, Android was #1 for all of 2019 and the only reason why it isn't #1 now is because Samsung charged too much for the S20. And how is it that the UK counts "more" than BIGGER DEVELOPED COUNTRIES like France, Germany, Japan and China? Or developed countries that are similarly sized like Italy and South Korea? Or developing countries with a much larger affluent population in total numbers like Brazil, Mexico and India? If you've done your research then why is it so WRONG on so many counts AND is against what every other analyst says AND is against the behaviour of manufacturers themselves who keep cranking out Android products and accessories year after year? And of retailers who keep selling them and prominently featuring them in their advertising campaigns? Android is starting to lose market share in those countries? Which? Because Android has actually gained market share in China after the iPhone lost its "buy it and imitate rich Americans" luster like 5 years ago. Android's market share is basically the same in India to the point where Apple has actually taken to build factories over there to get into the market. But the point is that even if Android lost 10% or 20% market share there would still be plenty of money to go around, just as there is for companies that sell maybe 10-15 million PCs a year like Acer and Asus. Or for companies that make cheap TVs like Hisense and TCL. HTC became irrelevant ... but was replaced with Xiaomi, Huawei, HMD Global and BBK. That happens in every industry. Including to Apple, who no longer makes servers, routers, printers or a host of other products anymore. And wow, Qualcomm overcharged by $50 whole dollars by requiring 865 buyers to also buy the X55 modem. That REALLY explains Samsung jacking up the price by $400 doesn't it? Or was that merely Samsung's decision? Especially since they increased the price of the NON-5G PHONE by $200 as well? Plus, this is far from the first problem that Android OEMs have had with Qualcomm, who was late to 64 bit, late with biometrics, and released a number of underperforming and/or overheating chips a few years back. Incidentally, no SUCCESSFUL Android phone has ever copied Apple. (This includes Google, which actually generally sold as many or more Nexus devices without seriously advertising them or having carrier contracts.) By contrast, Apple has spent every year since 2014 copying every feature that Android has, from phablet form factors to curved OLED screens to NFC/mobile payments ... you name it.
  • Your last paragraph is way off as you must have been living under a rock. Since 2014 how many features, designs and ideas have Android OEMs copied from Apple? Just to mention a few examples here Google had wallet first but not many used or heard about it until Apple Pay came out along with Car Play and the following year Google renamed their Wallet to Android Pay with Android Auto and also Samsung came out with their Pay. Samsung's Note 7 came out with the Iris scanner and how many Android OEMs added that after ? None. When Apple came out with Face ID totally different from Samsung's facial recognition implementation how many OEMs added some sort of facial recognition feature after? Huawei made an exact copy and now Google has. Apple removes their signature physical home button and goes all gestures that existed bef on Palm and BlackBerry 10 in which No other Android OEM bothered to do that until Apple did it. Not to mention Android 9 was redesigned to look and feel more like iOS. Gestures polished up in Android 10 to mimic Apple's more. What I noticed for the longest time that yes Apple copies but improves and changes the design /feature to make it much better. Perfect example is Iris scanner vs Face ID. Apple didn't just slap on the Iris scanner and call it Face ID. However, Android OEMs just copy Apple's implementation to say they have it. Perfect example like Huawei's 3D face unlock, Google's face unlock and Google's gestures. Heck you can even see Google removed their finger print sensor for their face unlock EXACTLY like Apple. Samsung had their tap to share and what did Apple do? They came up with AirDrop and now every other Android OEM was trying to copy and came out with the same feature. Almost everyone on this site knows Google is following /copying Apple as they want to be like them. Another example Android had a dark theme bef Apple on Android 5 or 6 or earlier. They never continued with it until Apple was rumored to be adding a system wide black theme on iOS 12 which than they decided to add one too. Like it or not Apple is the benchmark that other copies compete to and try to be like. Let's not forget iPhone 10's famous notch that almost every single Android OEM copied. What Android has going for it is the variety of phones to choose from and it's customization which is nice. If Apple were to add just a little more customizing Android would lose alot of users.
  • Apple has been the too vendor for the last 8 years (since the iPhone 5) in the UK and the US (with Samsung being a distant second) especially, France and Germany don't matter to me I'm only concerned about the UK and US which are more important to Apple, especially the US, Apple has always influenced the industry and when Apple bring out a feature that's been on Android for a while they make it better such as Face ID and Touch ID which were massive improvement over the lacklustre Android versions and it is whhy Samsung copied Apple and falled with the Iris Scanner being fooled by a photo on the Note 8 which wouldn't work with Face ID which is much more secure and then with the fingerprint scanner being unlocked with sellotape with the S10 hahaha and now the glass in S20 Ultra now braking, and as I said Android will remain a graveyard for OEMs because while HTC was replaced, Xiaomi outside China are not making money with Android, they're making money by spying on its users and HMD Global is losing money with Android One with flop after flop so tell me again who's making money from Android phones? Because OnePlus certainly isn't having just laid off a lot of its staff in Europe, Apple on the other hand is on the rise again while Android is on the slide and I'm AM an Android user who is typing this on my OnePlus 7T who's had enough of Android and switching back to iPhone after 2 years away. You are the one who's wrong, Apple is number 1 in the UK and US and you know I'm right, yes Android is number 1 globally but that's thanks to the billions of cheap Android phones and Android having more market share in the likes of India and China which Apple don't care about too much, for me only the UK and US matter and the UK isn't part of the EU anymore so don't include the UK along with Europe anymore. I could care less about France, Germany or the rest of Europe, Apple doesn't need then when they have the US and UK and that's enough for Apple. And another blow for Android is the blacklisting of Huawei by the US which is another win for Apple.
  • @centosguy In my research in the UK, Apple is top smartphone vendor followed by Samsung and Huawei in the US it's the same for the top 2 but everyone else has a fighting for scraps in 3rd place so it's you that is wrong not me. Android is beginning to decline and in the current volatile market Apple is the only one adapting the best and is still a trillion dollar company, you just don't want to hear the truth, Android is on a slippery slope and Qualcomm is partially responsible for it with their unfair monopoly on SoCs and overcharging for the Snapdragon 865.
  • No man... You're wrong... Over and over and over again, you're wrong... It's actually pretty amazing to witness...
  • I'm right and you're wrong, you fanboys are in denial, it's been scandal after scandal with with Android (of course Apple has had it's fair share) from Google spying on users to malware in the wood west aka the Play Store right now to Xiaomi now collecting data and sending it to Russia and Singapore and now Android phones costing more than an iPhone with crappy software support and inferior ecosystems, things are getting better for Apple and Android is on the decline.
  • Well Samsung does put a non-Qualcomm chipset (their own Exynos) in their flagship here in Europe. And compared to the SD865 they get in the USA it sucks. Slower, hotter.
    Now why do you think almost nobody is going for Mediatek in the flagship segment? Aside from having a history of lacklustre driver support (ask custom rom developers), have they ever been competitive in that segment? No they haven't. People buying a flagship want flagship performance. Lastly QC's part in pushing flagship prices is exaggerated quite a bit. I don't have unit prices on the SD865 but given that the SD855 was about $50 and flagship prices werd skyrocketing already, there's a whole lot more going on than just Qualcomm's asking prices.
  • And you'd never see Apple screwing their customers over like Samsung by using an inferior version of their A seriously chip with their iPhones in Europe but Samsung are showing why Apple will remain Number 1 in the UK at least who cares about the rest of Europe?
  • And then updates would be even worse since MediaTek refuses to release the drivers many times. No thanks. 
  • If you think that update issues are bad on Qualcomm devices they will be even worse on MediaTek ones, who doesn't open source their microcode or update drivers. MediaTek's business model is supplying OEMs who make cheap devices that get replaced after a year or 3. Also, as a commenter below states, Samsung would like you to think that Qualcomm is the reason. The truth is that Samsung - and Google - looked at Apple and saw that if they jacked up the prices, they could make more money by selling fewer phones. Apple saw Samsung raise prices and responded by raising theirs too. This SHOULD have caused a market reaction but the other players with the resources to compete - LG and Sony - were too chicken to respond by keeping their prices the same and launching a massive advertising campaign excoriating Apple and Samsung for charging twice as much for devices that cost the same to make. The other players like HTC and Asus were too small to try to capitalize or - in the case of Xiaomi and Huawei - were blocked by the US market (lawsuit threats by Apple kept Xiaomi out and pressure on carriers by certain entities delayed Huawei's entry until the trade war finished the job). What is going on now is that Samsung reached the breaking point. Using 5G as an excuse to charge $1200 for the Note 10 and $1400 for the S20 when everyone knows that the Qualcomm X55 modem costs at most $50 was just too much. So the public reacted by not buying them. To put it another way ... they weren't going to pay $1000 for a non-5G S20 and in the process pay that much for a clearly lesser product. (Had Samsung offered a $700 non-5G S20, or about how much a Galaxy S6 cost at launch? Maybe. The irony ... Samsung led everyone to believe that the S6 Edge's price was so high because of limited manufacturing capacity for curved screens that would go down over time ... only for A) Samsung to switch exclusively to Edge models and B) for the opposite to happen. Google similarly wants you to think that the X55 cost is why they aren't coming out with a 5G phone this year, but the truth is that they have gone full "we want to be like Apple" mode where they release tech a year or two late and claim that they need the extra time to get the software optimizations right so that they can "prove" - if only in their own minds because no one else cares - that their software is so great it can match or exceed the latest hardware. The only result is that Google will come out with a 5G phone four full cycles after Motorola, 3 full cycles after Samsung and 2 full cycles after Apple ... and it will work no different from everyone else's 5G phone. Oh, but it will have a nice AI software-optimized camera that practically no one will really use though. If you want cheaper flagship Android phones, you need to root for LG or Sony - or Google! - to hire the marketing and product design guys from Samsung of America who were responsible for making Samsung the #1 smartphone company in the world before Samsung HQ in South Korea fired them because they were jealous of their success to take over their smartphone marketing division. Or you need to root for Xiaomi and Huawei to join OnePlus on major carriers ... and also ramp up their marketing. An example: bringing up Samsung's own advertising skewering Apple over high prices, a lack of innovation ... and their explicit promise never to lose the headphone jack. There are a lot of legitimate reasons to beef with Qualcomm, but those shouldn't give Samsung and Google cover their desire to emulate Apple.
  • I was looking forward to OnePlus doing this with the OnePlus Z I'm bummed they went with the 765g it's a mid-range chip and not an improvement over the 845 in my 6T. The Dimensity 1000 is a flagship processor and while it doesn't quite meet the 865, it's still an upgrade
  • I have owned phones with a MediaTek processor, and I have bought them for my kids. No Thanks! I will never buy another phone with a MediaTek chip, for starters they run to hot and that gives them a short lifespan. Not one single phone that I have owned with a MediaTek processor has lived past 2 years of use. Next, there are practically no developers that care to build Roms for MediaTek processors because their software support is horrible in 2020 and they don’t release open source anything : firmware, drivers, anything at all! To go on, they drop support for chips within a year of its release and their software is plagued with thermal issues. To make matters worse, the MediaTek marketing department has been lying about MediaTek’s performance in recent benchmarking tests is there anything left to say? No google should not touch MediaTek with a 10-foot pole.
  • I've owned a mediatek phone and bought one or two for people who need a cheap phone and never had the thermal issues you describe. They rarely get updates. But I think that's the OEMs primarily. I know quite a few phones that get MUI updates. Mediatek is in business to make money, I think if they got a chance to be in some worldwide mid-range or medium-high range phones, they may up their software game
  • It really is up to the manufacturer to make sure your phones run well, not so much the chip producer. If in america I am assuming it might be something like a $49 BLU. No contract, out the door pricing. Anything under $199 should not have any expectations really. I think you would know within a few days if it would be time to return it or not.
  • It would be nice if Google went with a Mediatek chip just to break up Qualcomm's dominance. The Pixel 4XL runs smoothly with the SD855 so Google should have no problem duplicating that performance on the latest Mediatek chip.
  • Actually, Apple is the master in overcharging for their products. Not one thing they make is worth the price they demand.
  • Apple charge high prices but they are the only ones who can justify them, long software support, far superior App Store, better app quality and experience and Apple has the best ecosystem money can buy, no Android phone comes near Apple and it took me 2 years of being away from Apple to realise that.
  • Do you have a job Beno?
  • Hahahaha great freaking question
  • I did until Covid 19 probably like you, Android central is now more interesting with recent Apple articles just to get you Android's rabble foaming, I love it.
  • I work with covid patients in a nursing home 60 hours a week at the moment in the UK thanks Beno. I only asked if you had a job because you seem to have gone stair crazy with your comments but actually I've enjoyed reading your comments since joining this site as you change your mind about what's best on a daily basis. Do you do anything on your phone other than make hilarious comments on this site?
  • You should have been here a while back when he was praising the pixel. He was just as funny then as he is now. He is a very funny human!
  • I've had a couple of devices with a mediatech soc. Be forewarned, they're not impressive. Just saying.
  • Hey Google just give up on the hardware and leave it to the big boys, Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc because Google has proven to be crap at making hardware and going with MediaTek (who are not even in the same league as Samsung let alone Apple and Qualcomm) will give users even more reason to avoid the Pixels which are nothing more than the Android version of an iPhone with worse quality and all the short comings of Android which is overpriced and has a poor hardware ecosystem.
  • Are you okay?
  • Of course he is.
    He's Benoman!
  • Best comments on this site I've been reading them for ages and still can't decide if he's a troll or just plain nuts lol!
  • 🤷‍♂️ Not really sure about that...
  • If only MTK was better!
  • Well if they use Mediatek Dimensity 1000 I won't have any complaints because this one is one hell of a powerful processor. Also, it'll be great to see how Google can leverage great features of the mediatek chip
  • Are the not secure and have more vulnerabilities than SD? They seem to do very well in Chrome OS.
  • That's a good idea maybe. The MediaTek Dimensity series is pretty awesome and I think Google can use those to offer affordable smartphones.
  • It would seem that Google could benefit from working with MediaTech. Even so far as to build a custom chip. That would still be expensive, but probably cheaper than a SD and more control over how the chip works.
  • Google should quit and leave it to Apple and Samsung, OnePlus, etc because Google has proven it can't even make d decent hardware and their software is no longer the "best" Android experience anymore Apple killed Google at hardware a long time ago.
  • Am I the only one forgetting the main reason Qualcomm was used heavily in the West was because of CDMA networks. I know Verizon has phased it out but Sprint still uses it and I believe it is used on quite a few MVNO networks. If I am correct Qualcomm has a monopoly on CDMA chips. I could be wrong though. Please correct me if I am. Thank you ahead of time.
  • Technically, CDMA falls under FRAND and Qualcom is required to supply a license for CDMA to anyone that applies at a fair price. They lost in court last year against the FTC about whether they were holding to FRAND requirements. I know they planned to appeal, unsure what the current status is.
  • Hey Jerry stop with these nonsensical articles, Google is no Apple and never will be, Google doesn't have that special something Apple has that makes them so successful, you are the same person who said that the Snapdragon 710 would mean people wouldn't need to spend money on a flagship again but that didn't happen did it?
  • This is so hilarious... You were "Pixelboy" not that long ago, and now look at you... what a joke...
  • Now this would make a good movie:
    🐑 iSheeps Gone Wild! 🐑 He's too hilarious!
  • You Android fanboys are a joke, I've seen the light, you fanboys don't value secure and privacy, you people are only interested in the short term hence why you upgrade your phones work with the latest sets of meaningless specs and numbers I can't relate to you nerds I relate better to Applevusers who are more humble just as Android Fanboys are arrogant and have an inferiority complex and can't take truth that Android for all it's "market share" is a burning platform that's why we get idiotic articles like this. You people along with me being bored of Android and realising how much I miss Apple are the reason I'm switching back to iPhone and the Apple ecosystem (with and iPad) in 3 months but I will keep Android just for the likes of TeaTV where I can watch shows like Supergirl and The Flash but Android will never be my main phone again and I'll still keep tabs on Android so I can laugh at you narrow minded fanboys while enjoying a far superior app experience and quality full features and I will be able to SAVE my games to iCloud unlike the limited and half baked solution on Android.
  • Them darned gloves again! 😂
  • Do you like your carers Beno?
  • Yeah Jerry, stop doing what your doing that beno said your doing because all your doing is making beno think thats all your doing just to be doing whatever he says your doing.......