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Yet another free-to-play action-RPG, Heroes Call, has had a significant update.Topping the new feature list is a Shadow Assassin class, complete with her own signature special abilities. Here's a full changelog of the new features.

  • The Shadow Assassin emerges from darkness!
  • Take on the ultimate challenge and start a HARD MODE character.
  • You asked, we've delivered - gem currency removed - all purchases now made with gold. If you had gems, we've turned them into gold. Lots of gold.
  • Replay missions earns much more gold and gear.
  • Story missions now play out linearly and make more sense.

Ditching gems as a premium currency is a great step towards making in-app purchases less intrusive, though beyond the base class, each subsequent one can only be bought through IAPs. Heroes Call is so far the closest thing to Diablo that I've been able to find on mobile so far, and to that end, it's a pretty fun dungeon romp with lots of loot, violence and storyline.