Hero Academy for Android

After a lengthy stay on iOS, Hero Academy is now available for Android. The turn-based strategy game uses a kind of card mechanic mixed with classic board game play. There's full cross-platform support here, so you can hack and slash at your buddies on PC or iPhone too. 

Players pick opposing armies, and get dealt a selection of troops and power ups which they must play on a grid. Those troops have different attack strengths and movement patterns, not unlike chess. Every turn, players are dealt new units to their hand, and must use their limited number of action points wisely to wipe out the opposing army or destroy their crystals on the board.  

I've put a lot of time into Hero Academy and can personally vouch for the quality it provides. You get the human army for free, and can pay for new armies or vanity avatars and other unlockables. If you're into strategy games, definitely give this one a shot.