Here's what's new in Fortnite's 9.30 content update #2 patch

The latest content patch for Fortnite is out, and while there aren't any serious gameplay tweaks to be made, the second 9.30 content patch does include the addition of a brand new weapon. The Drum Shotgun makes its entrance to the world of Fortnite this week, and brings with it a twist on the classic weapon. An automatic shotgun, the Drum Shotgun carries a clip size of 12 and carries quite the punch.

Of course, Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer is still ongoing, so players can find new daily challenges, unvaulted weapons, and the addition of some new rewards for those looking to complete challenges as well. The 14 Days of Summer is set to end soon, so make sure to jump in and play if you're looking to claim those rewards. You can check out the full list of changes to the Battle Royale and Creative portions of Fortnite below, and jump into a game now to check out the changes:

Drum Shotgun

  • Available in Common, Uncommon, and Rare variants.
  • Clip size of 12
  • 45 / 47 / 50 damage per shot.
  • Available from Floor Loot, Vending Machines, and Loot Carriers

14 Days of Summer

  • The fun continues with the second week of 14 Days of Summer! Log in each day for free Challenges, rewards, LTMs, and more!

Creative and Galleries

  • Create your own paradise with these new prefabs and galleries!
  • Added 7 New Prefabs:
  • Paradise Palms Hotel
  • Paradise Palms Hotel Pool
  • Paradise Palms Computer Cafe
  • Paradise Palms House
  • Paradise Palms Car Dealership
  • Truck 'N' Oasis
  • Roadside Diner
  • Added 5 New Galleries:
  • Paradise Palms Gallery
  • Paradise Palms Prop Gallery
  • Truck 'N' Oasis Gallery
  • Roadside Diner Gallery
  • Sand & Grass Floor Gallery

For a full look at the list of updates that hit Fortnite earlier today, make sure to head over to the Epic Games blog and check them all out, as there are quite a bit across all three game modes.

Anthony J Nash

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