Here's a closer look at the specs for the Surface Duo

What you need to know

  • The Surface Duo runs a special version of Android.
  • It has some custom APIs, and many apps work with it already.
  • The device is currently running a Snapdragon 855, but that could change in the future.

The Surface Duo was the surprise announcement of Microsoft's October Surface event. It's a foldable Surface phone that runs Android. It was the only device that had not been rumored or discussed by the general tech press, so specs and details about it are only starting to be released. Our Executive Editor Daniel Rubino is on the ground asking questions and getting as much information as he can about all of the new Surface devices.

The Surface Duo runs a special version of Android with Google but won't differ dramatically from other versions of Android. It has some custom APIs, and many apps work on it already. Microsoft says that they will work with developers to leverage the devices' dual displays.

The device is currently running a Snapdragon 855, but it could be switched to a newer chip in the future. The device does not ship until the holiday season in 2020, so Microsoft could have the chance to upgrade the chip in the device.

The Surface Duo has an 8.3-inch display if you count the two displays together. Each display is 5.6 inches. The device is 4.8mm thin.

The Surface Duo has a fingerprint reader and a USB-C port.

Sean Endicott
  • Sweet! I'll buy one now. Paid beta test, no problem
  • My guess is the device shown is an early prototype. Hopefully the final shipping device will be thinner and have smaller bezels. Also, seems to need a way to answer a call without unfolding the device. All existing specs are meaningless right now . The device is still 13+ months away from shipping.
  • Not bad. Not bad at all.🤔
  • But why does presenter guy look soo sad and down on his luck?! Is working for Microsoft that bad these days?! 🤪 Oh and by the way dude...loose the shirt...😄
  • I'm torn between the Neo and this (Duo)…. Which one to buy?!
  • I hope this phone has expandable storage and lots of RAM (12GB).. I was planning to purchase a Note 10+ in January 2020. I just put this plan on hold. I hope this Surface phone is worth the wait..
  • I am literally in the same boat as you. I was about to go with the Note 10 + but now I really want the DUO. I am just praying that it has a lot of RAM. I feel like Microsoft always lets us down in the RAM department so I'm hoping they give us a fully spec'd version with 12gb. That would be so sweet and definitely needed for running 2 displays at once