Moto X

Sale gives you a whole week to order your custom Moto X

Motorola's first attempt at a "Cyber Monday" sale didn't work out so well, but it's coming back strong with what it's calling a "2-day Holiday Sale." Although we were tipped off by Motorola's social media channels yesterday of the new sale, now we know how the whole process will go down.

Motorola plans to open up its new sale at 9am PT / noon ET Wednesday, but you won't have to worry about clicking the "place order" button right away. The new system will let you go to a specific sale page,, and sign up to receive your $150 Moto Maker discount. Rather than be locked into customizing and ordering right then, you'll receive a promo code for the discount via email within a few hours.

You'll then have a full week to head to Moto Maker and go through your order process at any time, and apply the one-time promo code to receive $150 off your order. (Unfortunately the discount can't be applied to Developer Edition devices.) You can also use the general promo code "THANKS" on your order to receive 30 percent off accessories of any kind.

As was previously explained, Motorola has a limited number of sale promo codes available, but has indicated that it has increased the number available from what was previously planned on Monday. In any case, once the limited number of codes have been spoken for, the deal will end for the day. Once the sale is all said and done, Motorola will ramp up and get ready to do the exact same deal again on Monday, December 9th, where you'll have the same promo code process and accessory deal.

Assuming that Motorola's website holds up this time around, we're sure more than a few people will be happy to get their hands on a custom Moto X for just $349 off-contract.

Source: Motorola