Here are the things that didn't make it to the Verizon LG G4

If you are picking up a LG G4 on Verizon, there are a few things about the software that you may want to know about first. We have already taken an extensive look at the device as a whole, but not all of the great software features made it onto the Verizon variant. Verizon has been modifying the software on their Android devices for years, and the G4 is no exception.

Some of the features that are missing from the Verizon version include:

  • LG SmartWorld
  • Smart Settings
  • Multi-user accounts
  • FM Radio
  • Themes
  • Custom lock screen

These are just some of the most obvious omissions in the software, there are likely a few others as well. There are some complaints that Verizon users can't get the 100GB of storage from Google Drive either, which is a shame. Things aren't all bad though, as Verizon customers can still get themselves a spare battery, charger, and 32GB microSD card from LG at no cost. Did you notice any other changes in your carrier edition LG G4? If so, sing out in the comments below and continue the discussion in our forums.

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