Here are the places you can buy USB-C cables for your OnePlus 2

MicroUSB has been the golden standard with Android phones and tablets for several years now, but over the next year there's heavy expectation that we'll see the new USB-C connector take its place. We've seen USB-C show up on the new Chromebook Pixel, but now that this new standard has arrived on smartphones and tablets you're going to need to know where to get some new cables and adapters.

Here's a quick list for you new OnePlus 2 owners, who have undoubtedly become aware of the need for more than the single included USB-C cable.

Show me the cables!

OnePlus USB-C Adapter

You'd think the first place to look for USB-C cables to hook up your OnePlus 2 would be the company that makes the phone, especially since there's a really nice flat cable packaged with the hardware. Unfortunately, the fabled $5 USB-C cable OnePlus has been promising doesn't exist in their store just yet. Instead, you'll find a USB-C adapter for your existing microUSB cables.

This little snap-in plug will run you $10, which is twice what the cable is supposed to cost, but lets you keep your existing cables.

Buy: OnePlus USB Type-C Adapter ($9.99)

Belkin USB-C Cables

A full USB 3.1 type C port is going to be capable of doing a whole lot more than the USB 2 type C port on the OnePlus 2. Data will transfer significantly faster, supported phones and tablets will charge faster, and communication with third-party accessories will number in the thousands. If you have to replace your microUSB cables anyway, you may find it makes more sense to purchase the cables that support all forms of USB-C, instead of just the inexpensive ones that work with what you have now.

Belkin makes sure both cables are available to you, but there's an obvious price difference that will leave you choosing between the two.

Monoprice USB-C Cables

Just about everyone who orders cables on the Internet knows there's one place to go if you want all sorts of cables as cheap as they come. Monoprice has a long standing history of being inexpensive, and the new USB-C cables are no exception.

If you're looking to replace all of your microUSB cables at once, this is probably the best place to start.

Buy: USB 2.0 Type C cable, 3ft ($9.99)

Amazon USB-C Retailers

Price is always an important part of shopping for new cables, especially since you undoubtedly need more than one, but style plays a big part for some as well. Amazon has several different companies selling their cables, both in the standard rubber and braided variants.

The two best on the site right now appear to be marked down from significantly higher prices, both of which are well worth considering.

Apple USB-C Accessories

We've all had a good laugh at the cost of Apple's USB-C adapters for their new MacBook, but its list of available USB-C accessories is significant. They are also one of the only cable retailers to offer flat white by default instead of glossy black, so if that's something you feel you need in your life Apple is the best place to look for now.

Buy: USB-C to USB-A Charge Cable ($19.99)

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