Have you signed up for Android Pie's Digital Wellbeing beta?

Android Pie officially dropped this past Monday, and with it comes a new gesture navigation system, an updated UI, battery-saving features, and plenty more. Along with all this, Pixel and Pixel 2 owners running the new software can also sign up to join Google's Digital Wellbeing beta.

After you sign up for the beta, you'll receive instructions on how to download the Digital Wellbeing app from the Play Store. Once you do this, a Digital Wellbeing section will automatically appear in your settings.

Digital Wellbeing is designed to help you use your phone less, and as such, Google's providing stats to help you see how much you're using your phone throughout the day, which apps you're spending the most time on, and give you tools that are designed to make it easier to put your device down.

Going through the forums, it looks like a lot of our members have already signed up for the beta!

I opted into the Beta And I got the email today and downloaded it. It's fascinating to see how many times I've unlocked my phone today LOL


Alright, I generally don't do any type of Betas... BUT I jumped in on this one.. Interested to see how things look after a week of so ... Was already staggered a bit at the number of notifications..:confused:


I registered yesterday and received the email today. Not sure how it works yet.

Mike Dee

I already downloaded the APK


What about you? Have you signed up for Digital Wellbeing?

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Joe Maring

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