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Have you downloaded the November 2019 security patch?

Holding the Google Pixel 4
Holding the Google Pixel 4 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

Yesterday, November 4, Google began rolling out its November 2019 security patch to Pixel devices. As usual, the security patch comes with a host of fixes for various bugs and vulnerabilities.

For Pixel 4 handsets, specifically, this month's patch also brings improvements to the camera and the 90Hz Smooth Display.

Taking a look through the AC forums, the update is gradually starting to make its way to folks.

Google Store Unlocked 4 XL nothing yet. Pixel 2 XL updated gets the win this time :)


Just got it.. Sprint


Pixel 4 XL Unlocked Google store Canada... downloading this huge 21 MB update


128GB AT&T locked pixel 4XL getting update right now. Also this update does include the 90hz display being utilized more often, plus some minor camera improvements, as per an article on Google News, I forget the source.


What about you? Have you downloaded the November 2019 security patch?

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  • Yeah, but i got it 3 days ago (November 2nd) on my S10e. One of the problems with Pixel phones is that they're so slow to get security patches 🙃
  • Haha I came here to say the same thing about my Note 10 and Galaxy S10. Both got the November patch a few days back. Samsung has really stepped up their game.
  • No, because Google only gave me 3 years of security updates for my OG Pixel XL :( LOL
  • P2xl yesterday
  • I just got the Oct 1 patch on my Moto G7. So for all the folks that slam Motorola for lack of updates this proves they update quarterly or better. Good enough. I bought mine in late June and this is the fourth patch counting the one that came right after setup.
  • They update their phones bimonthly.
  • Got on Pixel 3a XL yesterday
  • Pixel2XL unlocked got it last night. Still waiting on the Pixel4XL unlocked.
  • Pixel4XL still waiting. Check for updates button returns nothing. Called Google support to ask if the check for updates pull function has been disabled. Was told the button only pulls when the update is released to you. I explained how the button has worked for the last couple of years and they acted like they had no idea what I was talking about. Have I lost my mind thinking check for updates pulls any available update?
  • Got it yesterday afternoon. Pixel 2 XL on Fi.
  • I got it back on October 24th. Gotta love a good One UI 2.0 beta.
  • Hahaha LG G8 still on Sept 1st update. Thanks LG.
  • Got it on my Google Fi Pixel 2XL yesterday, wifes ATT Pixel 4XL got it yesterday too.
  • This might be the first time ever that Samsung beat Google for the newer devices at least.
  • Got it on the essential phone yesterday 😁