Have you agreed to Facebook's new terms of service for WhatsApp?

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Facebook and WhatsApp caused a bit of a stir earlier this year when the companies announced new privacy policy updates and changes to the terms of service for the popular messaging app. The new language requires WhatsApp users to agree to share more of their personal information with Facebook, including their profile name, profile picture, IP address, phone number and contact list, app logs, and status messages.

Initially, it was reported that WhatsApp users who did not agree to the new terms would lose access to their account. It has since come to light that that is not entirely true. Users who don't agree will still be able to access the app — they won't be able to do anything from it.

After the initial confusion and inevitable pushback, Facebook backed off for a while. However, it has since moved forward with the policy and will implement the changes starting May 15, provided legal challenges don't hold it up further.

Have these moves by Facebook and WhatsApp turned you off the messaging services and pushed you towards something like Telegram or Signal? Or have you already consented to the changes because WhatsApp is just too important to your daily routine?

Jeramy Johnson

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  • Unfortunately, in the country where I live, you either use WhatsApp or are essentially cut off from all communication via text. It's not like Facebook is getting anything it doesn't already have anyway.
  • I've agreed to WhatsApp terms because the likes of Telegram and Signal Lake features of WhatsApp like sending messages to multiple contacts and more.
  • I'll never get everyone to switch at this point and don't want to use multiple messaging apps. I've agreed.
  • I canceled /deleted the app.
  • I don't have Facebook or Twitter, so not going to give them access
  • Refused the strong arm tactics. Requested my whatsapp acct be deleted. Uninstalled.
    I have Signal installed. The 3 technically that did use Whatsapp with me can use FB messenger. I'm not giving my contacts to FB. Not willingly anyway. And uyes I'm aware others might have. But when asked by FB messenger I have ALWAYS said no to SMS integration.
  • I've agreed, reluctantly. I've tried Signal and it's ok but I can't persuade my contacts away from WhatsApp. RCS was, potentially, The Solution, except Apple wont support it. I detest Facebook and have never used it but so many people seem to think it's essential.
    Out of curiosity I've been looking on the Play Store comparing the long lists of permissions required to use both WhatsApp and the RCS Google Messages. They're more or less identical. So, should I be as concerned about Google Messages collected the same information?
  • You are asking the wrong questions...how about this one: I agreed but I wish I did not have to!
    Some of us have no choice due to higher powers!