Oreos. Oatmeal cookies. Orangina. Oranges. Ozark pudding. We've been ruminating over what it is that Google will officially call Android O, but we still don't know! Just like we didn't know that we'd be downloading Marshmallow or Nougat until the mobile operating system was raring to go.

What dessert do you think Android O will be named after? There are plenty of you who are surely convinced that Oreo is it.


The more I think about it, the more I realize Oreo's actually a pretty solid name, ignoring all other issues that arise.


We're dubious ourselves about that, though, considering the rampant availability of Oreo packets that were placed around the premises at Google I/O. The search company is known for effectively trolling attendees — it did the same in 2016 with bite-sized packets of Nutella — so the mere mention of such a dessert isn't a guarantee that it's the name.

Some of you have other ideas about what the name could be and it's been a really educational process googling these desserts I've never heard of before.


Opera cake (not the web browser)

Mr Mendelli

Ontbijtkoek. Had it a while back, and it's pretty good!


Anyway, what do you think? Do you have a preference for what Android O will be called? Do you think Google will even stick to its desserts motif? Or are we all sick of speculating and simply wishing Android O were a stable release that's ready to rock?

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Android Oreo