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Sony has been hitting the Android game pretty hard this week, first the Sony Xperia Ion and now the Sony Xperia S, another incredible device. How can you really go wrong with a 1.5GHz dual-core device with a 720p 4.3-inch display? Oh, you want more? How about a 12MP camera, a rather stylish design, and a 720p front facing camera?

In the hand, the Sony Xperia S is quite delightful, neither too thick nor too thin. The device feels really light, the build quality appears to be strong, and it features a bit of a unique design. The bottom notification area is translucent, giving it a unique appearance. Inside the clear area you will see the standard three Android buttons, but you don't physically press the icons themselves -- there are small capacitive buttons above the clear area.

The software is just as smooth as you would imagine, and the 12MP camera is quite incredible. I'm not a huge cell phone camera fan, but this may have very well changed my mind. There was a bit of shutter lag and even with the flash enabled, it takes a heck of a picture. In any case, hit the break for some more images, and check out our updated post for some hands-on video footage.

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