It's safe to say the Acer Liquid Zest Plus won't be coming to North America anytime soon, but the mid-range smartphone has a couple of interesting specs that may pique your interest.

The 5.5-inch device runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow (with the April 1st security update, natch) on a skin that is as close to stock Android as we've seen from the Taiwanese company. Inside, a MediaTek MT6735 SoC and 2GB keep things running smoothly, while the 13MP rear camera boasts laser focus and phase-detection autofocus, for reasons not divulged by the company's executives — though more is better in this case, we hope.

The plastic phone feels its sub-$249 price: creaky and uninspired, in either white or black hues. A window cover, which replaces the traditional snap-on back cover and wraps around the phone's front, offers quick access to notifications and other shortcuts, but the implementation feels half-hearted at best.

Indeed, the only notable thing about this phone is the three-day battery life, facilitated by the included 5,000mAh cell. Like Lenovo's ZUK lineup, phablets targeting the Asian market are beefing up their uptime as users grow even more dependent on their pocket supercomputers.

Specific pricing and availability won't be known for some time, but rest assured we'll keep you informed if the Liquid Zest Plus should grace our carriers — or grocery stores.