A handful of lucky Nexus One owners seeing Android 2.2 Froyo already

So here's the thing: TechCrunch's M.G. Siegler apparently awoke to an over-the-air update of Android 2.2 (Froyo) on his Nexus One. And immediately, everybody and their mother started posting "Froyo being pushed out to the Nexus One!" Thing is, only a scant few people seem to actually have gotten the update thus far. So maybe it's being pushed out, and maybe it's not. Let's all take a deep breath, m'kay?

If in fact it is on the way, we'll have the manual update location shortly, and we'll bring you the instructions, just like last time, so you don't have to wait on the OTA update.

For those of you who are running custom recover modules (such as Amon RA's or ClockworkMod, it's noted that you're going to have to go back to the stock recovery to update Froyo.

For what it's worth, I've rolled back my N1, and no update's come down yet. The fact that a tech journalist got an update certainly is a hell of a coincidence, but maybe I'm just jealous, huh? Anyhoo, sound off in our forums if you find out anything. And for the really adventurous, there's an entire thread at XDA Developers of people saying they don't have the update. [via TechCrunch]

Phil Nickinson