Guess VIP Notifier

Mobile World Congress

In 2015, fashion brand, Guess, partnered with the folks at Martian to create its first smartwatch. The Guess Connect eventually went on sale in the latter part of the year, and as Mobile World Congress rolled around there's a new addition to the smart lineup of Guess watches.

The VIP Notifier is set to go on sale towards the holiday season of 2016, and limits the smart features a little over the existing line while adding some basic fitness tracking features, too.

Guess VIP Notifier

Where the Guess Connect has the digital display at the bottom of the watch to show some of the content of your notifications, the VIP Notifier has only an LED indicator. It's placed below the bezel, just above where the band connects to the watch, and can be programmed to show different colors depending on the notification. Essentially it just tells you something's going on, with the color showing what type of notification you're getting, leaving you to grab your phone to action it if you so wish.

In return for the more limited features you get both an uninterrupted watch face and a lower asking price. So to the average eye, it's just a regular Guess watch. It's a similar idea to the one that Fossil has recently applied to its Q54.

In addition, Guess was also showing off additional styles for its existing Guess Connect range, without adding any additional features. We'll have a full Guess Connect review coming soon, so stay tuned for that.