GSMA awards top honors to LG, Motorola at MWC 2015

The award for Best Smartphone this year was split, taken home both by the LG G3, and Apple's iPhone 6, both beating out last year's winner, HTC. The Android Central review of the LG G3 called it a "fantastic Android phone for anyone," and the GSMA judges appear to agree, saying:

"Affordable excellence with winning design – its edge-to-edge screen offers the best quality mobile viewing experience around today."

Motorola also took home a couple of awards. The 2014 Moto E won the Best Low Cost Smartphone award, while the Moto 360 won Best Wearable Mobile Technology. The Moto E was praised as a no-compromise device at a low price. You can check out our reviews of both the Moto E and the Moto 360 for our thoughts on those devices, and read our coverage of Motorola's recently-announced follow-up to the Moto E right here.

You can check out GSMA's full list of winners at the link below.

Source: GSMA

Joseph Keller