Grammarly gets more powerful Google Docs integration

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What you need to know

  • Grammarly is getting more powerful when used in conjunction with Google Docs.
  • An update this July will add support for Premium corrections.
  • The same update will also bring the Grammarly sidebar and its goal-setting tool to the word processor.

Grammarly is rolling out an update to its Google Docs integration this month. The extension had already been working with Google Docs, albeit in a rudimentary, beta sort of way. Now this update brings it closer to what Grammarly offers both in its dedicated web app and Microsoft Word as well.

First of all, Grammarly's adding Premium suggestions. Aimed at paying customers, Premium suggestions offer a little more than regular Grammarly, pointing out places where your writing may need to be tightened up, where you've misused the passive voice, or where there's closing punctuation missing. Using both Google Docs and a Premium sub to Grammarly was a compromise before today, now Grammarly will offer the full range of suggestions to Google Docs users.

The company has also added its nifty sidebar of corrections that lets users quickly jump to places where they have made mistakes or errors.

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Finally, Grammarly's 'set goals' panel has made a leap here. It's not the biggest feature, but it's one that informs the assistant what sort of tone you want to set with your writing. it won't ding you for being too non-standard and slangy if you're writing a creative piece in an informal tone, but it would wag a finger if you select a formal tone and drop a "yeet" or two in there.

These updates will be rolling out throughout July. You'll need to go grab the Grammarly extension from the Chrome Web Store, and then you'll just have to wait till it hits your device.

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