Need something to pump you up today? The Tacklife ACP1A 12V tire inflator and air compressor pump is only $9.89 with code 55ARHKLA on Amazon. Without that code applying a discount during checkout, this tire inflator sells for around $22. It doesn't drop from that price very often, either. Today's deal is a match for the lowest we have seen.

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Tacklife ACP1A 12V tire inflator and air compressor pump

Plug one wire into your cigarette lighter and the other into your tire. All you do is set the PSI value and activate it. The machine will do the rest. Includes a unique cooling system and a flashlight mode. Works with anything that needs inflating.

$9.89 $22.00 $12 off

With coupon: 55ARHKLA

The deal given is no longer valid and we do not have a better one. However, we have found some similar deals

Got a flat car tire? Bike tire? Basketball? This handy little device can pump up all of them, and it can do it pretty quickly, too! The tire inflator does most of the work. All you have to do is plug one wire into your car's cigarette lighter for power and use the other wire on the thing you want to pump up. The pneumatic tube pushes onto the tire and inflates it quickly. Plus, it's three meters long so you can reach all four tires on a car.

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To operate the inflator, all you need to do is set the PSI value. Then you can get it going with a simple touch of a button. The pump does the rest and uses a large digital screen to show you all the readings clearly. The tire inflator uses a small and compact design, too, so it fits right in your car or somewhere in your garage. Storage definitely won't be an issue.

Other features include a special cooling system on the bottom that lets you inflate as many as eight tires with no impact on stability. It has passed several certifications to meet strict quality standards. There is also a Flashlight Mode, which you can use to see clearly in the dark. The only thing worse than a flat tire is a flat tire at night!

You'll get three nozzle adapters and an extra fuse in case you want to use the inflator for things other than car tires.

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