Gorilla Glass ad spotted in GQ magazine [from the forums]

So this is pretty cool -- Corning Incorporated advertising its legendary Gorilla Glass in the latest issue of Gentlemen's Quarterly.  Not familiar with Gorilla Glass?  Do you own any phone in the Motorola Droid family of devices, or a Samsung Galaxy S/Tab?  Ever noticed how completely, extremely, and nearly impossible it is to scratch its screen?  Well, that's all thanks to Corning Incorporated's awesomely-awesome Gorilla Glass.

It isn't 100 percent indestructible (duh), but it holds up extremely well against your screen-scratching pocket change or car keys.  If you own a device that sports Gorilla Glass, chances are you'll never -- ever -- need a screen protector. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, Jimmycinla!

  • I wonder if its on the EVO.
  • No its not. I wish it was on my Evo. HTC has not embraced the gorilla yet.
  • What? No Gorilla Glass on my Evo? CRAP!! :-(
  • Well, I've dropped my Evo numerous times... no screen issues.
    I do have a screen protector, but that's just incase. Maybe I'm just grateful cause my Palm Pre was scratched up like nobody's business.
  • I have noticed the screen on the EVO is very fragile, my friend dropped his on the carpet and the screen shattered...
  • Looks more like a chimpanzee
  • Gorilla Glass isn't all that good, the Gorilla Glass on my Streak cracked when I accidentally dropped it on a cushion! Yes, a cushion!
  • I find this extremely difficult to believe I have a Streak and have dropped it NUMEROUS times, asphalt included! I'm sorry but maybe you have faulty hardware. You sure you didnt sit on it promptly after that?
  • I dont think that its on a streak, moto droid family and galaxy tab only.
  • http://www.engadget.com/2010/05/29/dell-streaks-gorilla-glass-screen-tor...
  • It's not crack resistant it's scratch resistant.
  • If Gorilla Glass is so great, why isn't everyone using it? The Droid line doesn't cost any more than my EVO did. And will the "Thunderbolt" come with Gorilla Glass?
  • Confimred HTC isnt using Gorilla glass - just got the EVO and figured that fact out. Have to slap a Zagg protector on it. Had the Moto Droid with VZW for over 9 months - had a case for the side and back, but nothing on the screen, that device went in the pocket with the keys. Not a scratch. Great product by Corning. I hope future HTC devices get it.
  • Seriously some of you people that leave comments on here are remedial!
  • It's good to know that my Avernus on my Droid X is built tough.
  • After reading about gorilla glass I took my screen protector of. But the back is scratched :(
  • ps. Galaxy Tab
  • ps. Galaxy Tab
  • Is the EVO a plastic screen then?
  • It maybe scratch resistant but I can assure you it isn't crack resistant. This coming from experience, and two Fascinates later...
  • seriously, what are some people doing to their phones to damage them so? Work in construction maybe?
  • ooo.. i didn't know my Tab is actually equipped with this glass. But I was really annoyed with the reflections of the screen when I watch a movie. It's almost like looking at a mirror.. Especially when I look at the movie or screen with a dark background.. Really really annoying.. *I look handsome though.. (-___-||||)