Google has been one of the key players in developing many of the technologies and standards relating to two-factor authentication (2FA) in recent years. Alongside allowing you to use your Bluetooth devices or even your phone as an authentication key, the company also sells dedicated security keys aimed at higher-risk users.

Now the company is announcing its embrace of the increasingly omnipresent USB-C standard for its security keys, with the USB-C Titan Security Key being available for $40 in the U.S. The key will work with not just your Android phone but also Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows machines.

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Made in partnership with Yubico, the keys support the FIDO standard, meaning you can use the keys on a number of platforms, including your Google Account, 1Password, Coinbase, Dropbox, Facebook, GitHub, Salesforce, Stripe, Twitter, and others. Google also sells USB-A/NFC and Bluetooth/NFC/USB variants of the Titan Security Key, which it has recently started selling in more regions.

2FA Security

Titan Security Key Bundle

Made by Google

The Titan Security Key bundle helps put your online security in your hands. The two hardware key bundle is more secure than text messages when it comes to 2FA and could help prevent your online accounts from being compromised by hackers.

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