Google's Nexus Player to be available in Japan by the end of February

It looks like the Nexus Player is beginning its exploration of the wide, wide world. Google announced today that the Android TV device will be coming to Japan at the end of February for 12,800 yen (about $108).

Google revealed the expansion in a blog post today, noting that this is the first time that the Nexus Player is being sold outside of North America. It also says that, upon release, it will have content available specifically for its Japanese customers:

In time with the launch, we'll also have apps for Japanese content available in Japan, including Video Market, Hot Pepper Beauty, Ryori Sapuri and Hulu's offering in Japan. And with classic games like "Final Fantasy III" and "Soul Calibur" available, Android gaming can be taken to whole new dimension.

Hopefully this signals the start of wider availability around the world for Google's own Android TV offering.

Source: Google

Dan Thorp-Lancaster