Google's Chrome OS netbook specs reportedly start leaking out

We've seen early builds of Google's Chrome OS, but the really interesting aspect will be the big G's own netbook, whose design is being closely handled by Google. And the technical specs of the netbook are beginning to leak out. The following come from IBTimes [via Engadget]:

  • OS: Chrome OS (natch).
  • Chipset: Nvidia Tegra (the Tegra II, perhaps?).
  • Processor: ARM CPU (which we mainly know from smartphones.)
  • Screen: 10.1-inch TFT, HD, multitouch.
  • Storage: 64GB solid-state-drive.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Connectivity: WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, 3.5mm headphone jack, multi-card reader.

Really, aside from what sounds like a stellar screen, there's nothing too groundbreaking there yet. Except for the $300 price point, which might or might not happen. (We're not placing any bets on that one.) And the IBTimes mentions "apps" such as Google Maps, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and voice search coming "preinstalled," which of course is more than suspect given that those are all Web services. That's probably just sloppy writing. But as all of this is still wildly unofficial, we're taking it all with a big grain of salt.

Phil Nickinson
  • There is no surprise there.
    Only the price!
    $300 is very much cheap.
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