Google Assistant could soon help you get better sleep

A phone screen showing Google Assistant options
A phone screen showing Google Assistant options (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google could be preparing to turn Assistant into a health coach.
  • Strings in the Assistant beta app hint at upcoming integration of sleep and other health data.
  • Google recently acquired a fitness company, Fitbit, which could benefit from Assistant integration.

Google is preparing to add health data support to Assistant, as revealed by changes it is making beneath the surface. Uncovered by 9to5Google, the newest beta build of the Assistant app includes new text strings that hint at this upcoming feature-set.

First, Google will let you link your Assistant account to health services that track your sleep. This will let the service access sleep-related questions. It may also tie into the Clock app and its Bedtime mode, or even something that helps surface recommendations for the Sleep and Wake timings it has added to smart lights.

Google will also push its privacy accommodations as it tries to shake off its reputation as a data-hungry borg.

A new string reads:

On devices where you have proactive health and fitness results turned on, the Assistant will show this data, suggestions, and related content without you having to ask. This data also helps troubleshoot and improve your health and fitness experience with the Assistant. Once your Assistant successfully fulfils your request to update, show, or answer questions about this data, Google will delete your audio query. The text from your request and other Assistant usage information is used to troubleshoot, develop, and improve Assistant services.

9to5 speculates that Google is building this with an eye towards making the most of its Fitbit acquisition, but the company has pledged to make new features open to all smartwatch makers as it tries to please regulators. If Google does bring this live, expect it to watch with your Samsung Galaxy Watch as well as it does your Fitbit Charge or potential Pixel watch.

Michael Allison