With Android-based netbooks being a possibility in the near future, it may come as no surprise that Asus is working on a low-cost laptop powered by Google's Android OS. Asus introduced the popular Eee subnotebook running Linux, so Android may be a natural (evolution?) fit for a new low-cost subnotebook.

The advantages to Asus for using Android are several:

  • Android is open, so no licensing fees
  • Google / Android branding = name recognition
  • Third-party software availability
  • Android familiarity due to Asus Android smartphone development
Having recently browsed the aisles of Costco, I discovered an Acer netbook running Windows for only $299. In order to capture market share and divert would-be Windows users to an Android-powered subnotebook, what kind of price range can we expect for an Asus Android-powered laptop? $199? $99??