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The name you know

Google Wifi

An Eero mesh is a great way to expand your network through your entire home with several options for expansion, including adding more Eeros, Eero Pros, and Beacons depending on how much speed you need and how much room you have.

$79 at Best Buy


  • Whole-house coverage
  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with other Eeros
  • Two Ethernet ports on base units


  • Relatively low top speed
  • Only dual-band

Google Wifi is simple to use, easy to set up, and inexpensive; you can even run a cable to a switch should you need to do it. Consistent automatic updates ensure your network is secure and functioning well. You can add more Google Wifi or Nest Wifi nodes to expand the network as well.

$99 at Amazon


  • Whole-house coverage
  • Easy setup
  • Works with Nest Wifi
  • Two Ethernet ports on each unit


  • Google collects data
  • Only dual-band

Both Google Wifi and Eero are excellent entry-level mesh Wi-Fi systems and each delivers on their main promise — better Wi-Fi throughout your home. Eero takes the lead thanks to having a wider variety of expansion options as well as competing directly within Google Wifi's price point.

The need to know details

Google WifiSource: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central

Internally, the Google Wifi units and Eero units have similar hardware. The quad-core ARM CPU and 512MB of RAM don't seem like much, but it's more than sufficient to keep your Wi-Fi network running smoothly and send the information where it needs to go. Eero doesn't disclose the exact speed of its routers but in the real world, the performance will be very similar between the two products.

Both devices offer the basic networking control you'll need for your home network.

Both systems are "prosumer" devices — designed and marketed to the average household with an eye towards the tech-lover. They offer all the basic networking control you'd need for your home network and have additions like access control, easy-to-share passwords, guest networks, and device prioritization and pausing.

Wireless standards are quite similar to Google Wifi supporting 802.11AC, or Wi-Fi 5, in a dual-band configuration. While Google confidently states AC1200 speeds, Eero leaves that detail out but based on the hardware you should be able to expect similar speeds. Eero does only recommend this system for connections up to 550 Mbps.

Google Wifi Eero
Wireless AC1200 2X2
2.4GHz and 5Ghz dual band
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth Smart
2.4GHz and 5Ghz
Bluetooth LE 5.0
Ports 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per unit 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per unit
Processor Quad-core ARM CPU at 710MHz Quad-core ARM CPU at 700MHz
Memory 512MB RAM 512MB RAM
Dimensions 4.17 x 2.7 inches (diameter x height) 3.86 x 3.86 x 2.36 inches
Features Network check
Family Wi-Fi
Guest network
Basic smart hub integration
Prioritize, group, and pause devices
Family profiles
Access control
Guest network
Prioritize and pause devices
Alexa support

You can't go wrong with either option

Google Wifi connectionsSource: Android Central

Each system comes highly recommended; you can't go wrong here and we can't stress that enough.

The newest generation of Eero offers similar performance to Google Wifi and the prices are similar enough. They each offer similar upgrade paths as well with Google Wifi offering compatibility with the faster Nest Wifi routers and Eero working with the faster Eero Pro and unobtrusive Eero Beacon.

You can't go wrong with either system.

Both a single Eero and a single Google WiFi will cover approximately 1,500 square feet in a home. While this can seem significant, it's not 100% efficient and will broadcast more of a sphere around the router. Your secondary router will need to be within the range of this signal and will perform better with a fairly unobstructed line of sight. Luckily both of these systems will support many additional routers to improve your mesh.

You'll need the Android or iOS app to set up either of these networks. Make sure to grab the Google Wifi app on Android or iOS or the Eero app on Android or iOS before disconnecting your old network,

Expanding Google Wifi

Google WifiSource: Android Central

Expanding your Google Wifi mesh is as simple as it could be. Simply add in more Google Wifi routers or Nest Wifi routers and set them up in the app. As long as you have a connection to the rest of the mesh you are good to go. This can also be accomplished with an Ethernet cable if your home is already wired or you can run one further strengthening your mesh.

If you want to stick with the Google Wifi ecosystem but need a bit more speed, you should check out the newer and faster Nest Wifi compared to Google Wifi.

The Eero family

Eero, Eero Pro, Eero BeaconSource: Eero

The Eero family is three strong with the base Eero and the Eero Beacon offering similar levels of performance. The best part is that they are all compatible with each other. To that point, the older Eero routers are also compatible with the newer models. Naturally, if you're building a mix and match Eero network, there are some things to keep in mind.

You'll want to be sure that the fastest router is at the core of your network — that is, it needs to be connected to the modem. The fastest and most capable device from Eero is the Eero Pro which has tri-band Wi-Fi and will allow it to handle more devices and maintain a faster connection with the other mesh routers. It also has two Ethernet ports like the standard Eero.

Alternatively, the Eero Beacon has no Ethernet ports and similar wireless capabilities to the standard Eero. The lack of Ethernet means that the Beacon can never be the center of your network and will always require another Eero router to function. Still, it has a low profile and mounts directly to a power outlet, allowing it to fit in places that the other routers, or a Google Wifi for that matter, wouldn't fit. It also has a built-in night light which is a lovely detail for a hallway or staircase deployment.

Eero competes on price and wins on flexibility

It's quite possible to build a great mesh network with both Google Wifi as well as Eero. In this situation, Eero's added flexibility thanks to the other Eero products makes it a more versatile router and a better value. Eero continues to be one of the best wireless routers you can get. With Eero, it's even possible to upgrade to a tri-band setup later on if your needs change and the package still retains its simple and attractive appearance.

Fits anywhere


Affordable mesh with tons of expansion

Eero can form a great mesh on its own but working with the rest of the Eero routers, it can be customized for any home. A simple design helps it blend in.

The name you know

Google Wifi

A simple mesh backed by Google

Google Wifi blankets your home with Wi-Fi coverage simply and securely. Set up additional points with the app to make the network as big as you need it.

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