Google Wallet arrives on the Nexus 7 via software update

Google has just announced that a software update will be pushed to the Nexus 7, which will bring the Google Wallet app to the device. This looks to be the same 4.1.1 OTA update that the Google I/O tablets received, which is great news because it means both are now running the exact same OS version (let's hope it stays that way!). The post says that the update 'is being pushed', so look for it to hit soon! It has been hit or miss as to which devices can officially carry Google Wallet, so you should feel good Nexus 7 owners.

It should be noted that rooted devices are not officially supported, but will function just fine.

Do you have the update yet? Are you excited to use Google Wallet on a 7-inch tablet? Head to our Google Nexus 7 Forum and let us know!

Source: Google+

Sean Brunett