Google TV reminds us it's still around; security update coming, Honeycomb later

The Google TV Twitter account came alive tonight, giving warning of an impending "minor security update for tomorrow" for some devices. We'll go out on a limb and guess that's the Logitech Revue -- that only one that actually sold any units, especially after it hit $99.

Some Google TV devices will receive a minor security update tomorrow. Stay tuned, a bigger update is headed your way in the weeks ahead.

But security updates really aren't that exciting, especially since we're still waiting on Honeycomb to hit the boob box. And it's coming in the weeks ahead, says @googletv. We're making our popcorn now.

Source: @googletv

  • Thanks for the info. I will check tomorrow for the update and hopefully Honeycomb in a couple of weeks.
  • I could see this being a hidden prep update for honeycomb
  • We could only hope that the Honeycomb update is close at hand...been waiting almost a year for something good to finally happen namely Honeycomb and the Android market with some cool TV specific apps.
  • Fingers Crossed! Will be great to see the update. I hope that Honeycomb fixes the random Audio interrupts issue.
  • Will Hulu be hidden within? L o l :-)
  • It will - then NBC will block it a day later.
  • Finally some fuckin news on the update... lol I'll be happy once I get Honeycomb because I just bought the Sony Google TV
  • We'll get honeycomb and four weeks later Ice Cream Sandwich will be released. What a joke. Google needs to get their act together already - fragmentation, software bugs, poor performance, lack of apps, lack of content - have plagued Google TV. It puts the Android name to shame. I was probably the first idiot to buy one of these things and I still use it, hoping that it'll get updated. The question is...will it make it worthwhile? By XMas they'll be selling the 2.0 hardware that'll smoke our early adopting models. And all we get is bugs, freezes and reboots while Google thanks us IDIOTS for being their beta testers. Sincerely yours,
    A Cr-48 owner ;-)
  • Wow... someone did their research Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich tie into each other... ICS is the Phone version of honeycomb and is supposed to eliminate fragmentation. As for the TV situation... Any time you buy something you should expect a better version to come out... Its business and common sense.
  • Umm ICS is the follow on to both GB and HC. So he and you are both right and I really wonder if my 1st gen Revue will support it. Gotta love the community for that. Logitech will probably drop support (and even lack there of) for it like a red headed step child when (if) the gen 2 hardware is out.
  • It's business and common sense?? No it's called being ripped off. Okay it's business, BAD business. And ICS is for all devices, perhaps you should've done research
  • Google TV is still alive?
  • Yep. I use mine all the time and love it.
  • Bought the revue last week and its amazing. Really needs the Hulu application though but I got the work around with the Playon server. The only other thing that bothers me is that it doesn't control my bluray player, that right there would have been fantastic considering its an uber harmony remote also
  • I've been thinking about picking up a GTV. Can I plug my external hd in and watch the movie files I have saved? I looked online but couldnt find a clear answer. Thanks.
  • I have used my 32GB thumb drive to do this. I think there may be a size limitation to the device, but so far, I haven't hit it. That being said, I usually just stream movies over from my desktop PC via Serviio. I'm too lazy to plug in an external device. :D
  • Thanks for the reply... Looks like I'll be picking one up.
  • I want one. Does the Revue do Hulu?
  • Nevermind, I see someone post that it doesn't. Damn.
  • "It" is certainly capable. However, Hulu detects and blocks GoogleTV devices. As others have posted, there are workarounds, but that's hardly ideal. It sucks, but my point is: don't hold it against the device for what the content providers won't let it do.
  • I still don't know wtf google tv is.
  • Google it ... ha!
  • i will believe that Honeycomb is coming to GTV when my system actually updates to it. I don't buy that it has taken this long to get a solid update out and unleash more of the potential of GTV. I'm sure that the next gen of hardware is right around the corner too, so my first gen Revue will suck ass in comparison pretty soon.
  • The next revue will be a simple cost reduction model. They will use an SD card rather than a hard disk, they will eliminate the fan, and the keyboard will be cost reduced, similar to the Boxee Box. Also the chassis will be much smaller like the new Apple TV 2 (also reduced to $99.99). In fact it will be almost as cheap to produce as an android phone. The problem is that the current Logitech Revue can not be sold for $99.99, therefore the cost reduced model is necessary to be profitable at this lower price. You will have to purchase the keyboard you already have as an accessory for the new model. The keyboard shipped with the new model will be much lower in quality. It costs too much. The keyboard actually retails for $99.99 just like the Revue. Don't expect anything else to change with the new Revue. The pricing of the Revue is another issue and pricing is perceived value. Pricing is much more realistic in the consumer electronics world than the cell phone and tablet universe. And $99.99 is a good perceived value price when compared to other Smart TV devices. Pricing of all mobile phones is a game played by providers and does not have any relation to the cost of production with a fair profit as in the consumer electronics industry, and never will. If you actually had to pay Verizon $599.99 for an HTC or Samsung phone, no one would own one. Cell Phones are a pricing game. It would be kind of like a gas station giving you a $20,000.00 car for free if you agree to purchase all the gas, oil, parts and service from that gas station for the life of the car... Get it...? A GAME. The Logitech Revue is an Android device just like a phone or tablet but because it is a CE (consumer electronics) device it has to be sold for a price resembling that of it's perceived competitors. If the Revue were sold by Verizon like a Motorola Droid phone or Zoom tablet, the Revue price would have be much much more, say $999.99. But that would not be realistic in the CE industry. I think most current owners will be happy they plunked money down for the original, and $99.99 is a great price when compared to the other Smart TV devices available out there.
  • Meh, I'm perfectly happy with my Revue for now. That being said, the market will be kinda cool to play with...
  • I was "this" close to getting a Revue last week, but I used the money to upgrade my router instead. I do think the $99 is a great deal - I mean it's the cost of the keyboard/remote alone. I may get one if things look great once official Honycomb is out (just hope they are still available - probably will be) As far as Hulu - I assume there will always be a hacky way to get it running. It's stuff like that that has me sticking with my Media PC for the time being. All I need is for Android to be installable on the x86 Intel platform and I'll be all set.
  • Has anyone used their GTV to stream medial files (movies, tv shows, music, pictures, etc) from their Windows Home Server or Windows Media Center enabled computer? I do this now using my Xbox360 but would gladly switch to a GTV if I can accomplish this, because as of now I have to pay for XboxLive memberships to use Netflix, I don't even play Xbox games let alone on XboxLive!
  • Works fine for me, though there are a few formats it doesn't like. Supposedly the GB update will include support for more formats. That said, I haven't had any issues with my stuff (some of which is, erm, "unpaid" content).
  • You can stream movie files using GoogleTV using Playon, TVersity, Serviio, and other DLNA servers.
  • I don't get why people are so excited for ICS! The truth is HC is very un optimized and now ICS is going to combine GB and HC. If anything I expect ICS to perform worse then HC. The next release after ICS should be heavily optimized. It's an important step in moving forward but I think everyone is excited about something that will likely very few features or improvements for users. HC final for GTV would be nice but apps would be nicer! Also would really like to see some phone/GTV integration capabilities!
  • I'm running the HC beta leak on my Revue and it's running like a champ, plays about anything i can throw at it, still no subtitle support, but it does have market enabled, along with side loading apps.
  • Did anyone get the update?
  • I bought a Revue yesterday! It was only $99 and I had a $50 gift card. This thing freaking ROCKS!! Being able to search my guide and view categories made this thing worth every penny and then more.
  • I need to check for the update today when I get home. As for the Cost of the GTV.. At $99 you can't go wrong.. I have had mine for a few months now and I love it. I am looking forward to the HC release because having the ability to download apps will be cool. As a few others have said; you can't blame the device for content being blocked. You should blame the content provider.. IE.. NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.. they are the ones who block GTV from access. This all happened back when GTV was originally released. The Major networks were upset because they weren't getting revenue from Google. Since no agreement was ever struck. Maybe HBO has some what, the right idea. Charge a monthly subscription fee to access unlimited content. Then there is no one to blame but yourself if you don't get the content. But this is a different subject all together..
  • Well, I never got the update and looks like no one got it.