Google TV branding to disappear; Android will stay on in your living room says report

Google TV logo
Google TV logo (Image credit: Android Central)

Sources at Gigaom say Google is getting ready to abandon the Google TV branding, but Android will remain embedded in televisions and set-top boxes.  According to "an executive from a consumer electronics manufacturer that has been producing Google TV devices," Google is not yet ready to announce anything, but the "new" product will be called Android TV.

Google has to do something. Google TV, which had a promising start, has languished along, running an old version of Android and seeing very little in the way of support and consumer adoption. We're all about Android here, but even we admit that Google TV only makes sense for those deeply embroiled into the ecosystem, or when one of the units themselves are on a fire sale.

Google has previously announced that they will be updating the platform from Honeycomb (yes, Honeycomb!). Maybe this is part of the plan they have to stay in the living room. Let's hope they can become relevant this time around.

Source: Gigaom

Jerry Hildenbrand
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