Google Store discounts the Moto 360 to $165 with free shipping

The deal marks the Moto 360 down to $165 from its original $249 price tag. For that money, you'll be able to select from either the black-on-black model, or the silver model with a stone-colored strap.

This is probably the best price you can find on a standalone Moto 360 right now. As we reported earlier today, however, Best Buy will knock $100 off your total when you purchase a Moto 360 with a new Android phone. So, if you're in the market for a new HTC One M9, Samsung Galaxy S6, or Galaxy S6 Edge, that might be the better route to go. In any event, you can hit up the link below to snag a Moto 360 from the Google Store right now.

Thanks to Kendahl for the tip!

Buy a Moto 360 for $165 with free shipping from the Google Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster