Google Stadia Store may get demos, wishlist, and other features soon

Stadia on a Monitor
Stadia on a Monitor (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Stadia is a game streaming service that launched a few weeks ago.
  • The Stadia Store is quite barebones at the moment.
  • Stadia Source discovered that new categories are features are coming to the store.
  • You'll be able to try out demos and add games to a wishlist, to name a few.

Google Stadia is a game streaming service that lets you play games on a number of devices by streaming through the cloud. The service has been criticized since launch because it doesn't deliver on dozens of promised features. While Google has released Buddy Pass and other changes, there's a lot of work that has to be done.

According to Stadia Source, the Stadia Store is getting a number of changes soon. Features like Most Played and Wishlist will be added. You can take a look at all of the discovered Stadia Store categories below.

  • Most Played
  • Top Selling
  • Editor's Choice
  • Coming Soon
  • Preorders
  • Recently Updated
  • New Add-ons
  • Early Access
  • Great on Mobile
  • On Sale
  • Great Offers
  • Game of the Year Winners
  • Beautiful Games
  • Popular on YouTube
  • Most Wanted
  • Most Gifted
  • Top Rated
  • New Releases
  • Best 4K Games
  • Best Cross-platform
  • Best HDR Games
  • Best Multiplayer Games
  • Best of Stadia
  • Best with Stadia Pro
  • Big Deals
  • Collection
  • Compilation
  • Demos
  • Discover More Games
  • Expansions
  • Featured Deals
  • Leaving Stadia Pro Soon
  • More to Discover
  • New & Trending
  • New This Month
  • New This Week
  • New to Stadia
  • Publisher Spotlight
  • Stadia Exclusives
  • Stadia Favourites
  • Stadia Pro Deals
  • Trending
  • Trials
  • Wishlist

The "Leaving Stadia Pro Soon" may raise some red flags, but we believe that it's just a category where it shows you that the games you can redeem for the month before it's too late. Let's hope this doesn't mean that gamers will lose access to Claimed titles like Destiny 2, Samurai Shodown, Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition, and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. However, only time will tell.

The other notable categories have to be Demos and Trials. This is a great way for many gamers to test our Stadia before committing to the service. Let's hope these features roll out sooner rather than later.

Asher Madan