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Google is also running customer surveys inside Android Messages — and not just on Pixels

A few days ago we pointed out that Google is running customer surveys in the Pixel 2 XL's settings page, which turned out to be a pretty polarizing subject. Though it doesn't seem like many Pixel 2 owners are seeing the settings page survey, some are seeing a very similar one pop up in other Google apps — in this case, the Android Messages SMS client (opens in new tab). And not just in Pixels — this particular example is on a ZTE Axon 7.

Somehow a survey inside an app you chose to download is a bit more natural than one in your phone settings.

Unsurprisingly, the dialogue box looks near-identical to the one from the settings page on the Pixel 2 XL, with a similar prompt of a few questions about your satisfaction with Google's app. On one hand, it feels somehow more ... expected to see a survey inside an app that you chose to download, whereas it feels a bit more forced when it pops up in the settings page on your phone.

In either case, I think there could be a more graceful way to ask for feedback than putting a banner in either place — perhaps a regular app notification, or since we're talking about Google, an email to your registered Gmail account. Regardless, it could easily be seen as a positive that Google's soliciting feedback on its products and is working to improve them.

Are you seeing customer satisfaction surveys in any other Google apps? Whether you have or not, let us know in the comments how you feel about Google running them!

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • I much prefer this rather than a company who could give a crap and not improve their products based on actual feedback. Just my humble opinion. To be transparent I use Textra
  • I completely agree. I just hope everyone that submits feedback said they want Android messages to combine the functionality of Allo or iMessage into the app so we don't have to continue using multiple apps to accomplish what Apple devices have been able to do forever. iMessage is the #1 reason people choose to stay with iOS vs Android. The ability to access all your messaging on a tablet, computer, phone and even iPod touch is a great way to keep up with everything in one easy way. Google just needs to admit their fragmented plan of multiple apps isn't as easy, seamless or attractive to new users.
  • I haven't seen anything. But seeking feedback on the device or app is not offensive to me in the least. Let's limit it to that though....
  • Questions like this that are built the app's main user interface seem really common in Android apps so I don't mind it here. Unnecessary popups or notifications are really really obnoxious.
  • A non event, non issue.
  • I guess they should email Pixel owners not everyone likes surveys in settings or any app for that matter.
  • I really don't understand why people get so butt-hurt about these surveys. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I actually enjoy giving my feedback.
  • Its stupid, they should use Google Rewards, no point only surveying people who have stuck with it and not moved on to better apps.
  • Agreed. Moved away from Messages to Textra and have a laundry list of feedback.
  • On one hand, it’s good that they’re asking for feedback. On the other hand, get out of my SMS app and give it to me as a notification?
  • I like this approach better than a popup asking me to rate an app
  • Maybe I fall in the minority, but I'm OK about giving feedback if it's only a handful of questions. Anything to help improve the user experience is fine with me. What bothers me more is having to go through a litany of survey questions for me to get to news content. The questions aren't user experience-related, so it detracts from me going to sites like that.
  • I think it's a great idea. I hope they ask these questions: 1. Do you want us to bring back the headphone jack?
    2. Do you want wireless charging in the next Pixel phone?
    3. How about a microSD slot? You want that?
    4. Would you like bluetooth to work?
    5. Would you like bluetooth headphones to work with Google Assistant?
    6. Do you mind having one speaker louder than the other?
    .7 Does black crush while scrolling bother you?
    8. Does it bother you that the Pixel 2/XL charges more slowly than any other phone?
    9. When you record audio in WeChat, Telegram, etc., does it matter if the receiving party can hear your message?
    10. Do you expect the headphone adapter to work?
    11. Do you think we should hire people to do QA on our phones before releasing them?
    12. Is it important for multi-touch to work in games?
    13. Are Android Auto crashes something you'd like to avoid?
    14. Do you expect your phone to ship with an OS installed?
    15. Do you want a stable WiFi connection even if you have multiple access points?
    16. Do you enjoy having your phone answer in speaker phone at random?
    17. Do you want to be able to swipe just once instead of several times so it works?
    18. Do you enjoy dark scenes becoming totally black with the brightness down?
    19. Do you enjoy how portrait mode makes things like the edge of glasses disappear?
    20. Does it bother you that the screen edges aren't touch sensitive?
    21. For all the problems your phone has/has had, are you satisfied with the response that "Google is investigating and plans a software update to fix the problem"?
  • 22. Do you like the song from Styx "Too much time on my hands"?
  • Perfection
  • I've got to give to you, I don't agree with you on pretty much anything, but your level of commitment is impressive... XD As for me, I haven't seen any surveys yet on my Pixel 2 XL, but I wouldn't mind them at all.
  • No, none of the problems bother us and we don't care about the missing features. We so love the squeaky clean Android experience with zero issues and no lag.. oh wait...
  • First of all I like using apps that have the option to be black seams on battery or it's easy on the eyes are both second of all just because Google makes it doesn't mean it's the best thing out there so people should customize the phone the way they like it I've never run into those kind of service and never will
  • I get these questions in Google Drive and messages but they're usually one question one answer only and rather black and white..
  • I haven't yet run across the survey but I would not mind giving Google my input. I'm enjoying my Pixel 2 very much but there's always room for improvement. I'm glad they are interested in soliciting customer opinion. I also own and use an iPhone and frankly wish they would be more open to feedback.
  • I had a survey pop up in the messages app a few days ago, right after the app crashed, quite amusing really.
  • I haven't seen either of these but then again I own a 2016 Pixel.
  • I paid a but load for my phone and not to have anyone bugging me with ads and distracting rude crap!
  • Seems so odd people would think this is a negative. It is what we should hope tech companies do and to help improve their products.
  • Not a fan. Do not like things thrown at me I didn't ask for. Now if they ask first if I want to opt in , no problem.
  • Actually those of us who are not millennials and were not born tethered to gadgets find it quite intrusive.
  • +1
  • I wouldnt mind this especially if the company actually reads and uses my concerns. However the only company that ever acknowledged me in any way was ZTE.
  • I've seen this inside the web browser version of Google Voice for quite a while now. I don't remember if I"ve seen it in the mobile app, though. But really, it may be slightly annoying, but aren't "Are you satisfied with this app?" popup messages pretty common in all sorts of apps? Just off the top of my head, I remember seeing similar popups from the Reddit, TripIt, and American Airlines apps recently.
  • Usually, the popups have a "don't show this again" option. I Could be wrong.
  • I use android messages all the time. That would annoy me just like any other form of solicitation. Too intrusive for me personally.
  • Got one on my laptop when I was changing my password this morning.
  • « Somehow a survey inside an app you chose to download is a bit more natural than one in your phone settings » Why? It’s a phone you choose to buy after all. Though in an app other than settings is a odd and intrusive place to put a survey
  • This is such a non-issue. I'm tired of seeing sites make such a big deal about it. You literally have the option to say "no thanks."
  • This happened on my Pixel XL yesterday. I didn't find it that intrusive, mainly as it is so uncommon and rare. I took the time to give my thoughts and that was the end of it. There wasn't an uptick in email, "here take more survey's", or "rate us" on the app store afterwards. The latter being a favorite of many 3rd party app developers. As long as it remains product focused and doesn't become an every week occurrence, I'm good.
  • What's the problem?
  • There isn't one.
  • Thankfully I haven't gotten this as it would be quite annoying. Maybe I didn't get it because I've disabled all Google intrusive settings and my privacy settings are as high as I can have them with Google. But seriously, if they have to ask, then it's a bit shameful. Don't they know we want the ability to change the LED color for Android Messages or do we need a survey for that?
  • Or the ability to have at minimum the availability of a dark theme option.
  • A company wants my feedback, in order to make their products better for me!!!???
    What is this garbage?? Who's idea was this? I expect them to know exactly what I'm thinking without them taking up 30 seconds of my life to ask whether I like something or not.
  • I haven't seen these surveys on Android Messages or my Pixel 2 XL settings. I would like to, though. If they had done this with Google Play Music to get feedback on their dumb idea of zooming in on album art so you can't see everything I might have been able to prevent years of constant annoyance. I of course sent a feedback email about it but probably only a few people who were super annoyed by it bothered to make the effort. A survey like this would have picked up a lot more of those disgruntled people and perhaps prompted a change.
  • I'd rather have them get the honest opinions from everyone who actually owns a Pixel, so that the 3/3XL are dramatically better than this iteration. The Pixel 2XL is amazing, but to go even further than that, a quick 1 minute survey is welcome by me.
  • I switched to Textra, so I haven't seen this, but I did see it twice in Allo. Not that I use Allo, but I open it occasionally to see if anyone I know has set it up.
  • so they might be reading our personal messages...